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somewhere watching drama


somewhere watching drama

welcome to my profile 

This is Ouma  ,  in my 25th  year in ma life  , a big  Fan of Kpop , I love the old generation : SUPER JUNIOR ,  GIRL'S GENERATION  , T-ARA , KARA , 2NE1 , Big Bang , AFTER SCHOOL , MISS A , 5DOLLS , EXID , EXO  . AND some of new generation groups :  IKON , WINNER , BTS , BLACKPINK  , BTS ,  CHUNG HA , MAMAMOO , ONEUS , ONEWE ,MONSTA X , ASTRO, SEVENTEEN , TWICE .....

THEN I tried to watch Korean drama starting by the famous BOYS OVER FLOWERS , and yes my addiction started, I watched a lot until I lost counting, I enjoyed a lot ,and what I enjoy more is the language, the culture, the lifestyle even its kinda "fake " but pleasurable .

And two years ago , I watched this Chinese dramas "LEGEND OF YUNXI" , and I discover that I love this style alottt and here we go in the long way of watching Chinese series and learning it.

 *☆ AND HERE I AM *☆  

**************************** I am so happy and glad to join this community to share my passion of watching basically asiatic series such as kdrama , cdrama , jdrama . This community will help me a lot to express my interest ad meet other friends who love watching cdrama and kdrama just like ME**********************************************

In waiting I invest more time in my profile 

Enjoy the little cutie BAILU 


And the bipolar Wen Kexing I mean GONG JUN 


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