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K/J-Drama land


K/J-Drama land

first movie: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
first drama:MARS
favorite dramas: GoblinMoon Lovers: Scarlet Heart RyeoMirror Of The Witch, MARS
favorite movies:House of Flying DaggersVanishing Time: A Boy Who ReturnedHot RoadBetter Days
favorite genres/tags:Romance, Supernatural, Psychological, Thriller, Historical, Suspense, Science Fiction, Horror, Tragedy, Action, Mature, Disaster, Survival
least favorite genres: Sports, Business, Law, Military, Music, Wuxia, Food, Tokusatsu, Sitcom


 great chemistry, unique concepts, passionate realistic kissing,
 unpredictable (but good) plot twists, unhappy endings, realism, slow-ish burn,
 time travel, happy endings, great acting, bromance, LGBTQ+


open-eyed frozen kisses, wrist grabbing, whiny/childish adults, repetitive OSTs, abuse,
no chemistry, bad acting, happy endings, clinginess, predictability, over the top acting, bad CGI,
unhappy endings, blurred knives, second lead syndrome, love at first sight, incredibly slow burns

                                                               I really                                                                                                                   miss all                                                                                                                                                                                                  of you                       

9: loved it, presumably had great cinematography, storyline, script, acting was very believable, good chemistry
7-8: pretty good, enjoyed it quite a bit, had a decent story, acting was above average, would recommend
5-6: nothing special, may have had a few redeeming qualities, otherwise it was forgettable
2-4: bad, one or more aspects of it annoyed me, struggled to finish it, no chemistry, avoid watching if you can
1-1.5: abysmal, probably had something abusive in it masquerading as "love", and/or instalove, acting was over the top or was outright lacking entirely, probably dropped partway through, all around nothing I would ever want to rewatch or recommend to anyone under any circumstances, a complete waste of time
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