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Danielle A

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Danielle A

Somewhere Only We Know
Dine with Love chinese drama review
Dine with Love
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by Danielle A
Mar 2, 2022
16 of 16 episodes seen
Overall 9.0
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 10.0

“Can people eat cat food?”

I've been waiting for this drama for a long time and I was worried it wouldn't hold up to my own hype. Well, I worried for nothing because this drama is delivering on so many levels. It was a mistake to watch this while it's still airing because I simply could not get enough.

The story isn't necessarily original, warm FL & domineering CEO ML, but the chemistry between the cast is perfect. Each character plays their part perfectly as if written for them personally. The main couple is so good that when they're apart it's almost painful waiting for them to share the screen again.

What I Love:

- Heart Flutters! This drama is delivering on all the heart flutters you want out of a rom-com. The chemistry is off the charts. It's as if the 2 leads are magnets! I can't get enough of them being together. Not only is the romantic chemistry there but the comedy between them is there too. I'm having so much fun watching their relationship and characters develop. (Also, they kiss quite a bit. Lots of steam here)

- The ML seems cold but you find out pretty earlier on that he's actually pretty silly. Unlike a lot of dramas, it's not the FL that brings this out in him, he's already silly on his own just in private. We see this early on when he's with his uncle/best friend. He's serious and cold about his business but not in his personal life. It's more that he's a bit shy and protective of himself when it comes to his personal life.

- The FL is very sweet and warm but don't let that fool you. She is smart, capable, and often the hero. Even though she's quiet, that doesn't mean she's at all stupid. Bullying her doesn't work. But because she's warm and sweet as a viewer I keep worrying for her, as if someone is going to tear her down and break her spirit but she proves over and over that she's not that type of FL. I find myself constantly cheering her on.

- The FL's best friend is the friend we all deserve and more. I love how supportive and fierce she is about the FL. She will literally fight someone's mom for her friend and I love to see it.

- The ML's best friend/uncle is also a favorable character. He protects and loves his nephew dearly. Everything about their bromance is fun and supportive and I enjoy watching them interact.

What I Don't Love:

- There are 2 semi-annoying characters who don't want the leads to be together but they're not unrealistically evil. I think this is good because it shows them as real people. They are jealous like real people are but not devilishly jealous. They try to gain favor the way real people would but they don't go around trying to ruin lives to get what they want. I do feel like they use these two as fillers towards the backend of this drama which did impact my rating slightly. It's just frustrating to watch the SML not getting the hint that Ke Lan just isn't into him. He's quite dense when it comes to women. Even though I find these 2 characters annoying I don't have hate for them. More of an annoyance with them than anything else.

- There's something that happens with the main couple that I really dislike because the FL's reason is frustrating and frankly so is her mom for letting her daughter make the decision she did. These episodes really upset my feelings for this drama. When the leads are together there's so much magic. When they are apart this drama feels quite slow and sad but that's because the leads are just so so good together.

- There are a few slower episodes. Some are "build" episodes and I don't mind these but there are a couple of episodes towards the end where I would have preferred seeing more of the MC together. Although what happens between the MC is necessary for them to be together long-term (mostly on the ML's side of things), I wish the issue didn't take up so much time. I wish we would have seen the main couple together more in the end, after everything was resolved.


There's also the ML's ex who obviously wants to get Yu Hao back but she's also not an evil character, just a regretful ex trying to win him back. There's really nothing outlandish about her actions other than trying to separate the MC. The MC handles her really well. As a couple, they are mature about her. Also, the way Yu Hao goes about dealing with his ex is mature, compassionate, and respectful of the relationship they once had.

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Would Re-watch (with some skipping)
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