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Kenneth Carl Vega

Pasig City Philippines

Kenneth Carl Vega

Pasig City Philippines


Kdrama lover since 2019 and BL drama lover since 2020, watching drama's primary based on Actors that I like, if I love the actors playing on a drama, I would definitely watch it ! More of A Melo Drama Genre and Comedy Genre lover.


Actors  / Unique story/Beautiful Story / Consistent and on Point / Feeling:Heartfelt in Romance and in Drama / or Comedy / Visuals/Cinematography/script

*** FOREVER IN MY HEART; Lee Je Hoon ***

My Ultimate Ahjussi and literally He is my husband to the depths of my  heart ♥ I am so obsessed of him ! I can never love another man more than I love him ! I can sell my soul just to meet him personally and greet him ! He only has this smile that makes my day, and whenever I feel down, when I look at his photos and videos, I am okay ! I am his number 1 fan ! (I started being a fan since  November 2020 )  and I will always and forever be a fan of him, and I will always keep him inside my heart ♥

My Ajhussi's New Drama Chief Detective 1958 (2024)

My all time favorite Dramas and Movies of my Ahjussi ♥

Move to Heaven / Taxi Driver / Signal / Taxi Driver II / Tomorrow with you / Where Stars Land

Time to Hunt / I can Speak / Architecture 101 / My Paparotti / Phantom Detective


I am a certified POLCA to the depths of my soul since 2020 ! All I ever want is for Tay Tawan Vihokratana and New Thitipoom Techa-apaikhun to end up together ! they are one of my source of happiness, I am so glad to be a member of their fandom and their shipper, there is no other BL ship, couple that made me feel like this more than this guys ! Indeed "Once A Polca, Forever A Polca " 


Cherry Magic(2023) This BL is a dream come true to a POLCA like me, literally a magical part of my life ♥ The first ever Drama that I cried watching because of happiness ♥

Other Memorable BL I watched

Roommates of Poongduck Villa 304 / Bon Appetit / Our Dating Sim / A tale of a thousand stars / Mr. unlucky has no choice but to kiss / A boss and a babe

All Time Favorite Kdrama

I am not a robot / Are you Human too ? / Empress Ki / Under the Queen's Umbrella / Crowned Clown / Love in the moonlight / My Husband Oh Jak Doo


Force Jiratchapong Srisang  / Jung Hae In / Seo Kang Joon / Kim Ji Woong / Wang Run Ze / Dylan Wang


ForceBook / MaxTul / JimmySea /MaxNat / YinWar

Welcome to my world ! Thank you  ! 감사합니다 ! ขอบคุณมาก ! どうもありがとう ! 太感谢了 Salamat !



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