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two different places at once :)


two different places at once :)
Master In The House
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Feb 9, 2018
9 of 26 episodes seen
Overall 8.5
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 10
Music 7.5
Rewatch Value 7.5
It's funny yes but it isn't just about that it also sends a meaningful message. In here they get to know about their master life and discover something new among themselves along the way. It's like a healing. It's a story of different life with learning.

The cast are perfect!
Ofc we all know Lee Seung Gi but in here you'll get to love each of them, Lee Sang Yeon, Sungjae and Se Hyung; different personalities but they blend well with each other. As you get through the eps you'll be immersed with each of them, plus the bromance~~~~ hahahahha.

I hope that this show end up with hundreds of eps and I'd definitely be there to watch it.

Hmmmmm. So far it's good recommendable ofc! 

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
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Apr 16, 2017
16 of 16 episodes seen
Overall 9.0
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 8.5
Rewatch Value 10
Ok I'll start in overall:
Ep1-9 felt like there's magic into it
10-13 plot starts to struggle
13-16: good with a closure that gives what you wish/dream of.
a kind of drama that is not so perfect but end up to my fav list/love it.

If you're into romcom, love cute/adorable couple like you enjoy dramas that are light hearted then this drama is for you...~ Chemistry is just too real a kind of relationship that you can't see any other guy for her, just him. It's seriously funny/hilarious....XD but there are times you'll be like... Is this even impt?

Story: genre of crime/romcom/thriller didn't work all together in the middle of the story it felt so random it would be better if they focus in just one genre, The flaws and hole into it, there is so many ways to improve it, make it better, that they failed to do so. DESPITE all that you won't think about it, it could make you forget /forgive those shortcoming, for the main couple. Their love story overcomes all those problem, you know their chemistry is just too undeniably strong and so much lovable.

highly recommended to those who have bubbly personality, hopelessly loves romance, loves to fall out of love, wants to meet a sassy male lead, cutie female lead, a good laugh then go watch it. If you wanna watch this drama because of investigation genre, just don't and go somewhere else. This isn't for you if you're too much of a technical person when it comes to watching dramas but if you're someone who based it more in the feels then you'll enjoy and appreciate it~

Minhyuk and Bong Soon is loife!
Characters: there's your fav, someone you'll dislike/like, you'll love/hate, find annoying/funny. Shoutout to Secretary, Bong ki and high-schoolers!~

Park Hyungsik and Park Bo Young shines in this and I hope they'll continue to shine, to see them together in another drama or just date for real. Oooops!!! Kekkeke. I love all the cast and I thank the PD-nim for the supply of bts every week.

The ost is good. Rewatched value is perfect ofc I'm talking about the moments/story of the main couple, I'm gonna miss all of them and I want a version 2 juseyo!!!! Bong Soon and Minhyuk will always have a special place in my heart. My 100th drama! Whooooops! Thankyouuu for the feels.~

ps: the main couple is way too cute to handle, warning; they're addicting. Uggggggh!!!! Anyways hope my review helps!~

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Introverted Boss
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Mar 15, 2017
16 of 16 episodes seen
Overall 8.5
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 8.5
Music 9.5
Rewatch Value 8.0
When one is difficult in expressing oneself, what it would be like? Misunderstood? This drama focuses on that expect. Gives lesson in life that sometime all we need is a listener. The story is really good and it isn't that bad like others used to say. A kind of drama that would make you say.. Glad I did start it. It's cute, fun to watch, some drama scenes with plot-twist

The start was ok to me, some scenes were quite bothersome from few first ep but it did change you know! The story start to pick up from ep6 and it will get better and better.

bonus: It will take you back to Another Miss Oh feels if you ever did watched that drama. :)

Each character has its own story and struggles. That's what I like about it. How one's grow and conquered their fear/insecurity/depression/weakness. The characters was like I started from here and look at me now.

Hwan Gi: this guy is so easy to love, sweet, gentle, kind and considerate... xD every awkward moments with him is so cute. You'll find yourself cheering for him in every step of the way. He'll also make you proud, I am so confident about it!~ plus there's a bonus, look forward to his dance moves.

Chae Ro Woon: yeah this girl is not easy to like, she could get all the hate, annoying and bothersome well she did all those because she's in a revenge mode but her character will have some development just wait and see.

Ji Hye: this character would make curious and say why? No matter what's the decision she made/ the reason behind it no one should judge a person lowly.

Kang Woo: The guy I used to misunderstood about his relationship with Hwan Gi but I was wrong about him. He is the character I want to improve the most/open-up along with Yi-Soo

Yi Soo: I find her role pretty dull from the start but surprisingly there's more color into her.
Yun Jung: my fav character. You'll like her for sure with her straight forward/honest/mature personality.
Silent Monster Team:were all good. my fav from the group is Sun Bong.
Even it was short I love the bromance and the tandem of Kang Woo and Yi Soo.

Shout out to Gong Seung Yeon for portraying her role effectively, such a good actress, I was totally immersed with her, I cried. Also to Yoon Park unlike his usual role as someone who is calm, serious in here he was different and I like it. He gets drunk, shouts, play, a free kind of character, a new side of him that I didn't see in his other drama.
As to Yeo Woo Jin I love his role here the most compared to his other dramas
Park Hye Soo there are times that I see her like a kid but it's ok she manages to act well.

OST: I like the ost and music, thanks to it I always keep up with the phase of the story as to emotions, didn't get bored because of it.

Meter feels as to fangirl is sometimes up sometimes or just straight line. My excitement and overflowing feels disappeared along the way maybe because I start a new drama but despite that everytime I watch a new ep I still like it. A good romcom.

Recommendation: Oh yes to those who are into romcom you could enjoy this drama especially to the one who are shy/introverted/difficult expressing oneself I think you could relate over it.

Just don't overanalyze it like the others who use to complain with the title because they think the guy is isn't introverted at all instead with an anxiety

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Jan 12, 2017
16 of 16 episodes seen
Overall 10
Story 10
Acting/Cast 10
Music 9.5
Rewatch Value 10
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo: NJH AND LSK ARE DATING IN REAL LIFE
A drama filled with so much beautiful meaning into it. A very healthy, sensible, genuine kind of story as to friendship, family, love, goal, career and priority. It is really funny especially with that "WHAAAAAT!" lol. Plus this drama is such a TROLL not everything you'd expect will happen, It will take you by surprise and you'll find yourself laughing. The edge of this drama from the one's I've watch? It's not the feels but the message it brought me, It was truly amazing.

Kim Bok Joo and Joon Hyeong is the best love story I've watch, a kind of relationship that would bring out the best in you, filled with overload cuteness, realistic a normal one. Phasing of their story is slow but slow kind of stories turned out to be awesomely perfect! They are so friendship and relationship goaaaals!!

Kim Bok Joo
This girl is totally relatable, when she's in love, to music taste, to clothes, to fangirling activities. Everything about her is suweeeeeeeeeeg!

Let's talk about the male lead. Joon Hyeong, ok I'll keep it short his character is so boyfriend material, a kind of guy you want to keep in yourself, in your life.

Ex girlfriend: OK she's the "only one cliche" here like a kind of clingy ex you'll hate but her existence didn't much affect me.

Friends: yes a very fun friends to be with
Abujji and samcheon: You'll love the father and daughter relationship, samcheon is very sweet, likeable and so kind plus funny.

Actors and Actress:
Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk both are great and I know it's not related here but I just want them to date for life. lol
Edit: They are officially dating not as characters but as real life couple!!!! Confirmed by Papa YG this month of April 2017. According to dispatch they've been dating since month of January 2017
Everyone else of the cast is so good ofc!

LESSON: Every girl deserves to be treated as a girl, a woman despite of any career she's into like Police, Carpenter, Judo, Boxing, Weightlifters.... Those fields are mostly for men so they're like boys into other people's eyes but ...Hell they shouldn't! They are girls too! Who would love to wear dress, wears clip, wears lipstick and wants to be beautiful especially when they're In front of the guy they like. I think they're the coolest girl ever with a suweeeeeeeeeeg!!
(There's more into lessons, life, meaning into this drama I just give you some points about it. Kekekke)

Even though I so love this drama. I would not recommend it for everyone, this is a kind of a kind of drama that targets a certain group of viewers. I'd highly recommend it to the youth like from age bracket of teenagers to 25 years or if not by age depends with your personality like if your happy go lucky one, or if you love reading my review and it keeps your interest, the genre is your style then you'll definitely love it despite of your age. This drama is slow yes. Could be an advantage or disadvantage. You just gotta be patient with it and everything will be worth it and it will perfectly fits into place.

I always enjoy the sound effects in funny scenes that's the best thing like "WHAAAAAT"!

Rewatch Value: I thought one time viewing is enough or just rewatch a certain scene would be enough but as I watch more episode I become more attached with the story and I was like I need to watch this as a whole over and over again.

Overall: one word, SWAG!

Writing a review feels like I'm saying goodbye to this drama for the second time around that it hurts so much.... *Wiped tears*

Kim Bok Joo and Joon Hyeong is so lovable, I would not mind watching another season with them or another drama from LSK and NJH..~

Warning: if you deeply love the story, the characters, once you complete this drama you'll feel incomplete, a happy one but it will make you sad.

It will always have a special place in my heart.

Ok before I end my review I have a question for you. Ummmm... Do you like Messi? Hahahaha!! Nevermind. Anyways hope my review helps!!!

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Jealousy Incarnate
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Nov 23, 2016
24 of 24 episodes seen
Overall 10
Story 10
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 10
The target of the age group I think would be into 20's and above I mean it would be more relatable to that age bracket this is not a drama that filled with sweet candies. No.
24 episodes seems a lot for a romcom right? But no this drama is special. Yes a special kind of romcom. The plot is about love, relationship, choosing, complicated situation, life and the one that I appreciate the most is the career how they attack that field really strikes into me that I could totally relate. This drama is very hilarious! Believe me. Out of the dramas I've seen this is the funniest Lol...XD it would even make you confuse like am I supposed to laugh or not?lol

Acting: The characters were all played well beyond everything that is good. Jo Jung Suk is such a great actor, awesome and there's a bonus... his swag!!! so far this is the best drama of him. Gong Hyo Jin is always been awesome as usual. Supporting cast were all lovable too!

Let's talk about characters:
Lee Hwa Shin? Ofc in a dramaland it's given that male lead must be jerk. Yes he is. Out of the male lead jerk characters I've seen he's the best among them all, words are not enough to describe why. Hahanahha. XD No one can beat the overflowing confidence he have for himself. lol

Jeung Won? Yes the typical 2nd lead kind of guy that every girl would fall for.

Male lead and 2nd lead characters of it seems so typical in dramaland right? But what will happen if there's a twist? A change of situation like how it feels like for the second lead to get a taste of being male lead and vise versa. Are you curious now and interested? Now you'll get to know more of it and understand once you watch this drama.^^

Pyo Na Ri: a lovable female lead that is very persistent in everything I meant it in a positive way.
Aside from the main role I'll give shout out to Chi Yeol and Beom character they are my favorite^^

This drama is filled with triangles. Yes. With an "s" lots of triangle relationship that you have to look forward. All the characters are lovable and likeable, every kind of relationship.. wait... umm. some could be annoying at times but at the end of the day that annoyance will turn into like as always :)

The ost perfectly suits to the situation like it could be hilarious, serious, sincere, love and sexy!!! XD

Rewatch: definitely!

Totally deserves a rating of 10.
You know what makes it special? Usually a genre that is filled with laughter or romance (yah romcom. lol) could give butterflies into our tummies, random feels but let's admit it most romcom, the foundation of the story of is kinda weak, lacking but Jealousy Incarnate manage to overcome that kind of struggle and relay a wonderful and genuine kind of message .
Best drama of 2016. Great way to watch it before the year ends^^

This is a kind of drama that you would not want to let go once you're close to the ending. I'll miss everything about it.

Ps: being jealous could not be bad you know. Wink

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Lucky Romance
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Jul 17, 2016
16 of 16 episodes seen
Overall 10
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 9.5
Music 8.5
Rewatch Value 10
first impression: First two episodes so-so, I was like ok, same goes when I saw the male lead, I was not that interested of him.
if it bores you give this drama a chance up to 4 episodes :)

it will make you smile like an idiot for an entire episode don't worry it's normal, it will give you butterflies in your stomach,it will make you cringe and giggle for the main couple, it will make you re-watch HIM. yes I'm talking about him, the main character Je SooHo. he is way tooooooooo adorable!
best thing about this drama? Is it will make you think that guys act like girls too when they're in love.
15 to 16 episodes felt like the first two episodes to me though I love how it ended it was beautiful. I would lie If I'd say this drama is perfect, it has it's bumpy road, This is a KOREAN DRAMA so expect it will be cliche. lol. Highly recommended if you're into romcom! recommending it to everyone I mean you are missing a lot of your korean drama journey if if you wouldn't meet the most adorable character/male lead in dramaland.

I cannot guarantee that you'll love this drama but one thing is for sure you will definitely fall in love with the main guy. In my case I simply love it the cast, story, music, everything! :)

RJY: At First look he isn't that handsome to me. but lol. there's something about him that as as you get to see more of him you'll get to fall even harder. He is very charming and a great actor, I don't think any actors could pulled off Je SuHoo's character beside him.

HJE: I don't understand why others didn't like her, I was like what is wrong with you people she is basically the main reason I started it!

dalnim and the bff of sooho: funny combination and look forward to seeing them they are both hilarious :)

amy and gary: kinda annoying :p at the end my annoyance towards them lessened. xD

Mother of SooHo is really nice and adorable *wink*

re-watched value: LMAO perfect 10. lol. I have no idea how many time I've watched the 4 to 9 episodes and I'm definitely gonna watch the entire episodes for sure. one time viewing isn't enough you know *wink*

Overall this drama is really good! WATCH IT LIKE RIGHT NOW :) Technically I would have rated it 8.5 to 9 but Je Sooho is way too perfect so I ended up giving it 10! someday you'll understand me. mouhahahah.

WARNING: Je SooHo is a one of kind character. you'll miss him for sure especially his pajama moments at night!

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Click Your Heart
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Apr 5, 2016
7 of 7 episodes seen
Overall 6.5
Story 6.5
Acting/Cast 6.0
Music 9.5
Rewatch Value 6.0
-Click your heart, from the title itself this drama will give you an option who you want the girl to end up with, I liked the pacing of the story kinda unique. At first I was obliged to finish it cause I don't want to add it up on my droplist but after ep3 I was like "aaaaah" from episode 4 up to the end I think it's quite enjoyable.

sorry but oh my gooosh! I don't like the acting of the girl she keeps acting all cute and I think it doesn't suit her that much, like a forced one and I was kinda irritated about it especially every time she says "because of me" . For Cha ni I don't think the role suits him I love him more in signal of course. Other guys? hmm..... I dunno just fine.

the ost is like from a 16 episodes drama that's how good it is.

rewatch: not at all.

Overall: this drama is kinda dull but I think it's not a waste of time since I somewhat enjoy it and it's just a mini series so it's not hard not to finish it. I wonder who you'll choose from the 4 guys if you happen to start it I would love to know who you click. mine? Ro Woon.

good thing? there's no such thing a second,3rd,4th lead syndrome. lol

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Six Flying Dragons
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Mar 23, 2016
50 of 50 episodes seen
Overall 10
Story 10
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 10
A very intelligent, dramatic and deep story not your typical kdramas out there that you can find anywhere. The story focuses on survival. Politics check, Love story check, Action check, drama check and bromance check (I know you all do love it. Lol)!!! This story has 4 phases light, intense, dark and deep. Yes there are some dull moments in watching this drama patience/momentum is the thing for me in order to get to the intense episode and fall in love with it. While marathoning some of the episodes, I was like how did they manage to wait for that awesome cliffhanger? Lol. I have those moments when…. Come on give me a sword let me just kill them all!!!hahah! XDDD I’m gonna really miss this drama deeply!!! Overall I am very thankful to the random feels that this drama gave me!

Favorite episode: 20, 25 and 49

Each dragon have its own development and you’ll get to see how they shift their character from how they used to be into different one, the acting is very professional definitely Yoo Ah In and Byun Yo Han deserved a shout out from me but nevertheless all of the cast and actors are AWESOME
The ost is just enough to fill up the emotions, listening to it gives me flashback.

Favorite characters: Mu Hyul, Ddang sae and Yeon hee, Gil tae mi
Rewatch: lol. I don’t mind seeing them for the second time even though you think it’s long it’s actually short. hahahah you’ll see when you get there!

This review is from someone who is not fond of politics, not good in watching long drama series and see how I praised it. What’s more if you’re into historical dramas? You definitely are missing something if you didn’t see it. A masterpiece indeed. This is my first long drama series that I completely finish, u think its long 50 hrs? Like you could watch 2 different dramas instead of watching this one? *smirk* believe me chingu you’ll think 50 episode is just short once you start it, think

Advice: It’s better if you have 1 week vacation to watch this drama so you can fangirl to the fullest! *wink*
Warning: You might end up eating all the episodes and let the dragons consumed your soul. Hahhaha!!!
Bonus: *whisper* handsome oppas are here. HAHAHAHA!!!! :DDD

ps: I’ll never look at dragons the same way again.

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Cheese in the Trap
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Mar 2, 2016
16 of 16 episodes seen
Overall 10
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 10
I bet you're hesitating right now. should I watch it or not? My answer would be just simple no any other reasons just go watch it chingu!

This drama made me so addicted, although there are no daebbak moments for me I still love it. This drama will make u say, aaaaw I wish I had a friend like that (bora and eun taek are awesome).

I'll recommend this to to you if you're into romance, the story is good, one thing's for sure it made me smile.

cast? all of them are great, *thumbs up* the characters? it's either you'll love them, hate them or feel nothing at all. Each character has a story and its interesting. look forward to baek in ha! baek in ho okay good too! kekekek

rewatched value. lol. I watch it the second time around, like I said its addicting.
I love the music.

answers left undone. half way it did gave me some little bit of disappointment but if I look back in their story, their friendship, their conflicts and their love story and the addiction that they gave me I realized it is incomparable that's why I gave an overall score of 10.
ending? is it good, bad, awesome or horrible? secret I'll keep it to myself! hahahha!

this drama will give you two options: it's either you'll watch it until the end or drop it. I wonder which group are you. looking forward to your answer!^^

Don't watch it if you can't handle the disappointment, but there's a chance that u might not be disappointed at all, well it's still depends on you after all. :))

This drama is definitely my one great love, yoo jung and seol, jang!!

Although it's difficult watch it until the end.
-Park Hae Jin

ps: If there's one thing I wanna kill in here its the PD-nim

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Mar 10, 2015
20 of 20 episodes seen
Overall 8.5
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 10
Music 9.5
Rewatch Value 9.5
The problem with me was I had too much expectation that it didn't met but if you ask about the cast well its a different story.

If I were to describe the whole story, its just enough to fill the empty cup not daebbak neither bad but its more than fair...XD out of dramas I've seen its definitely in my top 15 I guess. Yup its watchable but it didn't make me addictive and super excited over it. My meter feels over this drama is straight and sometimes it goes up and down, when it comes to my meter of fangirling well it's overflowing because of JCW!! he literally heals me! :) kekkeke. What I love about this drama is the romance, its one of the best and the asset of this drama! I really really, do liked it!! Believe me you'll enjoy the romance as much as i do!! Add as well the chemistry between the main leads and of course..... asdfghjkkl!!! JI CHANG WOOK >_< *flips universe*
ummmm while watching it it somewhat gives me the city hunter feels.

I'll definitely re-watched the romance part and the cute, awesome scenes of JCW! XD kekke
ost is good!
acting skills? no doubt! impressive!! thumbs up!
I'll recommend if you're into JCW in short hot guys. lol.

well we do have a different taste and I'm one of the few people who is not in the group of fans club that thinks its a masterpiece and thinks its the best drama of all time and yes I'm against all the odds....XD lol. but don't get me wrong I LIKE THIS DRAMA AND I DO APPRECIATE IT!! :)

planning to watch this drama? GO AHEAD! it's not a waste of time this drama will make you smile, laugh and all giddy... ;) if by chance you finished it I wanna know which side are you :) kekekek

advice? If you were to watch a drama don't set a standard :))^^v

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It's Okay, That's Love
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Sep 12, 2014
16 of 16 episodes seen
Overall 8.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 6.0
the start of the story is all over the place that I can't figure out, its messy and refreshing. It has its dull moments where I had to skipped the scene to get to the interesting part in short it has no consistency. I had the urge of dropping it but you know what made me stay? my CURIOSITY!! I think the drama starts at ep11 then the peak of the story is at ep 14 (my favorite ep.) The last 3 eps leaves a great impact to me, it was beautiful, w/ that it manage to save the imperfection of this drama that's why I rate it 8. It definitely didn't waste my time.

there's something I like about the characters their bluntness and honesty. The romance is not a sweet candy neither cheesy but it definitely felt like real its more mature :) the title says it all^^

no doubt! w/ JIS and GHJ team up its just AMAZING!! plus the supporting role ~kyaaaa!! our squishy kyung soo, jang! and you better look forward to kwang soo'S love story!~ kekekek

omggg!!!! kekeke.. I love it! thumb up! its chill and cozy! special mention to chen-chen! *cough* I'm an exo-L

I have no plans to rewatch it again since my curiosity had been answered.

I'll recommend it if you want something new, mature romance, if you're into or you want to try a psychological type drama. My advice? don't read spoilers, best thing to do is to keep yourself from reading comments!! lol

overall this drama will give you 3 options:
a. best drama ever
b. boringness to the point of dropping it.
c. curiosity and appreciating it at the end

well I'm letter C. what group do you belong to? if you happen to watch this drama I'll be glad to know your answer! :) for now ~goooooood night to me!!! n_n

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Marriage, Not Dating
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Aug 25, 2014
16 of 16 episodes seen
Overall 8.5
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 10
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 8.0
lol at the review guidelines. XD sooo mad at the spoilers!! 3x of saying NO SPOILERS!! hahahah!! alright I know! I get it! who loves spoilers? I guess no one and most of us hate it! but..... eottoke? MND love it!! yes! MND is such a spoiler!! ~ooooops! maybe you're wondering why... sawry I won't tell you. lol. but at least I gave you a warning! :) :p

This drama made me so confused I was like am I at the right ep? 0.o it even tricked me!! xD way to describe the story? crazy and fun but not that exciting for me..xD the ending? its awesome not your typical kdrama!

nemo couple (the name of their ship) truly defines what chemistry means!! ~soooo sexy!!! I was like just get married in real life pls! lol.
every cast is awesome especially the 2 leads; joo jang mi and gi tae who made this drama crazy, the supporting cast; look forward to LHD the funny guy xD, the duo; hyeo rum and se ah who will make your blood boils and say AISH!!! and of course the mother in law :)

love the ost! re-watch value? some of the scenes^^

you think you've watch the craziest love triangle? definitely not if you haven't watch this drama! :)
I'll recommend it to those who are into crazy and fun dramas! :)
not one of the best kdramas I've seen but definitely the BEST OTP EVEEEEEEEEEER!!!!!!
that's all for my review!!! *sigh* I'm gonna miss the nemo couple for sure!!!

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3 people found this review helpful
Jul 23, 2014
Overall 7.0
Story 7.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 5.5
Rewatch Value 6.5
my heart skips a beat... kekek not because of the romance but because of the ghost though it didn't made me scream, its not that scary for me :) so to the scaredy cat out there like me, I think you can handle it^^
"typical kdrma story" but its still good since I didn't get bored, funny moments? yes. my feels about watching it? hmmm.. quite okay. What I like about this movie is the unfold story in it. I was like aaaaaah so overall its watchable!

music? I don't even remember.
I won't watch it again I'd rather choose another movie :)

hmmm maybe I'll be more into it if I watch this movie before master's sun. If you know what I mean ^.~

I'll recommend this movie to those who are currently waiting for drama eps to be aired, who have nothing to watch and no plans.

ps: This movie will teach you some steps about.... hahhah! ok I'll stop my review from here I won't tell

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Two Weeks
26 people found this review helpful
Jul 11, 2014
16 of 16 episodes seen
Overall 10
Story 10
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 8.5
I was hesitant at first in watching it because I've come to know that its purely an action story and no romance at all.. you know I love love stories, but after few eps... I was like WHAAAAAT?! there is!! yup there is! believe me! to all of you who didn't watch this drama because you think there is no romance in it, then think twice! :D wanna confirm if I'm saying the truth? THEN GOOOOOO WATCH IT!~ ;)

have you tried lining up to ride in a roller coaster? what about being into a roller coaster? you haven't? are you curious to know the feeling? then go watch this drama for you to know, if you experienced riding it then you'll understand me why I compared it in a roller coaster after completely watching it. :)

This drama made me anxious, relieved, thrilled, frustrated, stress, it has its up and down, made me fall into tears then smile. I was supposed to score it 8.5 but then I changed my mind and I scored it 10^^ and yeah like the other said the ending was satisfying ;)

There is a touch of romance in it, something about 5%, I thought it was sad but towards the end it was beautiful :). Of course the story focus on the run, chase packed of action, hide and seek, and survival ;)

all cast are great I love them all especially soo jin!! she soooooo cute and adorable!! asdfghjkl! Jang tae san, seung woo and in hye are my favorite character^^ ~omooooo!! I'm gonna miss them all of them especially soo jin!

damn! just from the very start of this drama you'l hear it! and boom! I like it!!~sooo cool!

for me I won't gonna re-watch it, 1 time viewing is enough. :)

recommended to everyone and highly recommend it to those who love a run and chase story.

Overall score 10! I don't give score technically I based it on my feels! :D

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Cunning Single Lady
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May 11, 2014
16 of 16 episodes seen
Overall 6.0
Story 5.5
Acting/Cast 7.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 6.0
This is so addicting and you'll definitely be hooked!! ~ooops! I'm not talking about the drama I''m talking about the 2nd leading man, seo kang joon! lol

the story? no definitely not for me. I thought I was gonna love it since it's romcom but I didn't. I skip some part to finish this drama. hmmm what to say? the only thing that I like is whenever the 2nd lead guy have his moments. am I being to harsh and biased? anyways that's what I really felt, he made me laugh, smile and cry if it wasn't for him I would not go this far

Lee min jung is great. The acting of the main guy didn't like it at all especially when he acts cute it just doesn't suit him, the way he cries, laugh it's a no for me even the chemistry between the main cast is not so real, kinda stiff whenever they act sweet together I don't see sparks.

for the secretary L his acting was good :)
SKJ acting is good even though his a rookie:) for his role as guk even though he didn't get the heart of the girl that he likes at least he was able to capture the heart of audience, like me!! lol :))

ost? There are 2 soundtracks that I really like :))

but I'm still thankful to this drama cause I get to meet a great guy seo kang joon :) overall I won't recommend it to those who have seen a lot of drama.

WARNING: If your gonna watch it, be careful you might have 2nd lead syndrome, it's contagious.

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