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16 years old (female) and crazily addicted to k-pop and kdramas.                                     ~~ Australian ~~

I originally started watching anime back in 2013. I then gradually started watching live action movies based on mangas and anime which then lead me to watching j-dramas. It wasn't until the end of 2016 in December when I discovered k-pop. From listening and watching k-pop videos I then started watching and since then it's been my addiction and obsession. Sadly my whole family think I'm weird for watching Korean dramas or Japanese ones. But I'm so happy I watch them becuase they are so much better then watching English tv shows and gives me more joy and excitement. 

BTS was the first k-pop group that I had ever watched and listened to introducing me to k-pop and different idols and opened my eyes to all the cuteness of Korean boy groups such as, EXO, Big Bang, Got7, seventeen and astro (only ones I know). 

Favourite Korean boy group: BTS wins all the way (Army fan). I one hundred percent ship vmin and taekook although I morley ship Vmin more, this is probably becuase my favourite is V and plus the 1995 boys line is just to cute. honestly how can you not love him he is so cute and adorable (can't handle). 


~~ Just need to appreciate how cute jungkook looks in this photo ~~ 

Favourite Korean girl group: TWICE! Twice was the first girl group that I was introduced to so obviously it's my favourite though i do like red velvet and blackpink very much. My favourite member of twice is momo (becuase how cheerful she is all the time)


First kdrama: 

My first kdrama was the heirs and I was absolutely obsessed with it and even started re watching it straight way after finishing it. I was totally obsessed with Lee Min Ho (how can you not) while watching it. My first j-drama was piece.  

-- first anime was Sword Art Online -- 

-- Also I'm a manga fanatic.

Favourite drama: I honestly will never have a number 1 drama because I will never be able to choose so any dramas I rate 10 are all my favourite dramas I've seen. 

Favourite male actor: 

Kim Taehyung! Not sure if you really qualify him as an actor because his only been in one drama but whatever his so cute and I can't believe they killed him off in his first drama. But All around favourite Korean male actor is Ji Chang Wook. 


~~~      Like seriously how freaking cute and hot as fudge can you go. Ji Chang Wook for the win!       ~~~

Favourite female actress:Sorry to many to choose so I can't choose one particular one ^_^


Currently I've been obsessed with the Korean boy group Astro after watching the mini kdrama to be continued so I'd like to stop and appreciate how cute they all are specially Eun Woo, like seriously how cute can you get. Plus his super cute in the best hit. 


Favourite genre: Romance all the way. In virtually every drama or movie I've watched it has to have romance. I love bromances as well. I morley like the high school romances and office romances more.  


So this is some information about me. Happy watching and don't stop until you drop. 



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