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Washington State, USA


Washington State, USA

To my drama diary, 

To be obssessed or not be obssessed that is the question I always have when dramas come my way. But...I think I'd prefer countless hours of you any day. 

I know I'd rather have that spunky detective best friend who's searching for the plain truth that's literally easy to guess than a fashionista evil stepmother who throws that all-too-sudden glass of water. 

Or a classic back hug from that charismatic bad boy who also happens to crave love stories. Or that sympathetic I-Love-You's of a second lead syndrome, who we know never gets the girl. 

Sometimes I'd wish I was that typical heroine vying for a sexy supernatural or a life saving bodyguard. And don't forget those blood stained doctors saving your life and possible kiss or two. 

All in all, a marathon reaches into the endless horizon of dramaland - and those finales I dearly hoped for. 

Always drama on, 

Cherry Blossom


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