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I'm lazy.

I won't make an effort putting images and a fancy introduction about myself.

I'm an introvert and my best friends are dramas, Korean dramas to be exact.

I also watch J-dramas, but usually only the live-action of the Mangas or Animes I like.

Yes, I also love Mangas and Anime but since this is a site intended for dramas and movies let's skip that.

I am lazy and I spend most of my time staring blankly.

There are times where I don't watch dramas and drunk myself with all the fantasies I have in the dramas or actors or actresses I adore.

I have lots of dropped dramas not because I hate them (well for some) but also because I can't bring myself to watch the ending. It feels like saying goodbye to the drama forever, by ending it.

I don't have lots of finished dramas because of time limitations (I don't have much time in my hands, a 24 hours day pass by without me realizing it)

I have lots of plan to watch dramas because ideally, i want to watch everything.

I easily get bored when the drama I am watching doesn't fit my mood. Sometimes I like serious-types of dramas, those with lots of heartaches and tragedy, but sometimes, I like it very light that I will never feel frustrated or worry for the characters.

Dramas are literally my life, i don't have much friends and I don't like to go out often. Dramas let me explore the world without much energy (im lazy). Dramas taught me about this world. So yes, I see the world as the dramas showed me. So also yes, I see it with BG music and effects and dramatic. I always find myself making up stories with the people around me and sometimes, I find myself so immersed with the stories I make up. 

PS. i don't write the stories, they just wander off my mind like a dream.


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