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At the end of the Moon 🌙


At the end of the Moon 🌙

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                         Chinese dramas are my lifeline                         

I'm super obsessed with  TILL THE END OF THE MOON!!!!!

My rating depends on how much I loved the drama, how involved I was, relatability, plot ofcourse , sometimes, YES I'm biased.. like only my fav actor's drama would be in my 10's but Not all drama of my fav actors would be 10...

10 - Only dramas that MADE ME FEEL THE EXTREMES OF EMOTIONS!!! ABSOLUTE PERFECTION! It's either I'll rewatch it 10 times and still won't be bored or else I'm never coming back to watch it, not even edits! MAKE ME CRY A RIVER, GIMME FEVER, YOU'RE GONNA BE IN MY 10's 

9.5 -Perfect with everything. ( perfect plot for me )

9 -Almost prefect, 

8.5 - Comfort watch

- Missing something  or  Had potential but lost it 

7.5 - one time watchable

7  - Okayish

6.5 - Meh

& Less than that - Disappointments in different levels! Sometimes I wonder why on earth I watched those dramas

No rating - Idk how to rate

scroll down to see my most fav dramas.. ( I am still in the process of editing my mdl profile, . will keep adding wherever I am free ) 

Go ahead

" Why is it me that is deserted every time? Why me? 
He Zi Qiu
Someday or one day

Have you ever had this feeling? when you hear a certain song You'll feel like that song is like a time machine...
Shining for one thing

" Where is the Whole world?"  "The whole world is Behind you"


"I know it’s impossible but I dreamed of a happy ending."

-Wang yeo

You are my glory

"You're already the rabbit who has seen the most stars"

While you were sleeping 

"I believe in you. I can believe you... because it's me. Thank you."


"If it is the last cycle, it might be the last moment I can be with you"


"This is not a punishment but a price. A price of choice. A choice made by those who are more afraid of tomorrow than death "


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