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I've been watching dramas since 2016, the first one I watched was the Korean drama My Runway  and soon after I watched the Japanese drama イタズラなKISS which has become my favourite drama and story of all time! I've watched most of the adaptations and read the manga too! 

Right now I really enjoy watching BL dramas but still like watching other dramas too! As long as there is romance I'll be down!  

I also like watching K-pop related content. Some of my favourite groups are BTS, TXT, Mamamoo, Stray Kids, Ateez, Ikon, The Boyz, Seventeen, and so many more hehe.

Other than watching dramas I'm a university student, and I like learning languages, I'm taking Japanese lessons right now! I'm a vegan, I like to dance and I'm interested in tattoos. 

If we have similar interests feel free to say hi! 


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