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Must Watch
2 0

dramas that I need to watch or that have insanely high reviews

19 0

First Love. Some Manga Adaptations. Friendship. Family. Adolescence. Growing Up. Of course there are the messed up stories that include the…

Older Love
37 0

Love for those out of school. Defentially not First love/ puppy love

Throwback Highschool
14 0

All the movies looking at one's youth years. Mostly 80s/90s. First Love. School. Friends.

Iffy Classics
8 0

These are all the classic dramas that have mixed reviews. Love it or hate it, they are classics.

Psychological/ Thrillers
10 0

Thrillers that have bizarre or suspenseful story lines. Detectives. Mysteries. Flashbacks. Suspense.

Not Love, But Life
9 0

Dramas with love as not the focal point. It has less to do about romantic encounters, and more to do with life.

5 0

Complex relationships between family.

Beautiful movies
7 0

Self explanatory. pretty cinematography movies for the soul beautiful concepts almost poetic

2 0

Dramas focal point on friendships. a realistic and complex view on something so simple.

1 0

Just for laughs. Not serious at all

Marraige, Not Dating
1 0

All shows showcasing marriage, it's effects, negative and positive loving someone is suppose to be an effort on both ends

3 0

Young adults going into the 'real world'. What will they find? Love. Financial Problems. Mistakes Jobs. Growing Up