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Permanently trapped between Finland and Korea


Permanently trapped between Finland and Korea

A 24-year-old BBA graduate who uses way too much of her free time watching and re-watching anything and everything related to Korean TV-shows and music.

I'm slightly strange, somewhat smart, quite pretty and absolutely horrifying when hungry or tired. Writing is something that I enjoy, so do check out my reviews (few as there may be). I'd be grateful. I'm pretty much average, I like pink, I dance alone in my apartment at night with all curtains closed and I have serious commitment issues. Don't know why I thought sharing that here would be a good idea.

Have a good one.

My favorite genres / Stuff I like:

When it comes to romcom, I consider myself pretty picky and easily pleased at the same time. I can usually get through well-made romantic comedies with a relatively good feeling but they rarely get an exceptionally high grade (9-10). Only two romance-centered dramas have ever received 10s from me and those are "A Gentleman's Dignity" (my all-time favorite drama) and "You Who Came From The Stars". Action, thriller, mystery and crime are things that work for me really well and I also like dramas that are centered around controversy like adultery, capital punishment, mental illness, severe crime, sexual minorities and other stuff that may be otherwise closed from conversation.

How I rate:

To be honest, I don't know myself. There are no set rules for this, even if I attempted to write them down below xD I generally just rate the show how I feel is right at the time and then check back on it occasionally. Usually my initial feelings change after having some time to digest what I've watched and sometimes I end up changing the grade. Re-watching also does miracles for many dramas, I highly recommend it.

10 - Awesome, wouldn't change a thing! (or maybe exactly one thing but I don't know if it would even make a difference)

9 - A great piece.

8 - A pretty good, all around solid production. Most dramas I finish get this rating.

7 - Well, it was good enough to finish without feeling like I wasted too much time.

6 - Feel honored I watched you.

5 and below - Dear producer/director/writer, what the fuck were you thinking?


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