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Hayley Ramiza

Cortland, NY

Hayley Ramiza

Cortland, NY

Hello Everyone,

My name is Hayley.  If you could not tell already by the number of shows and movies I have watched, I love Asian Dramas. My first experience with Korean dramas or movies was one day when I was flipping through Netflix and fell upon 200 Pound Beauty, a very popular Korean Movie. After watching it, I was intrigued and Netflix, being the lovely stalker that it is, suggested a list of Korean/Asian dramas following my completion of the film. Here is where I came across Boys Over Flowers, and my life as we know it was forever changed.

Originally, I had been solely watching Korean dramas but over the past year have expanded to watch a variety of Asian movies and dramas: Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, etc. However, I tend to enjoy Korean Dramas the most and Japanese movies the most. However, I am open to all (even American and British shows). In my mind, a good show is good show, no matter where is stems from.

Recently, I have decided that I would like to begin to review the movies and shows that I watch as I watch so many. This will be a way for me to 1. keep track of my thoughts on specific dramas, and 2. Hopefully, help other find dramas they will enjoy. I know that for me, before starting an older, preestablished drama, I often peruse MyDramalist for reviews and critiques and this can make or break whether or not I begin a specific drama.

In my real life, I have tried to share my love of Asian Dramas with my friends but so far have not had the most luck. Some of my friends will occasionally watch them with me, but the interest level is much lower than my own. I would love to form friendships online to talk about upcoming and current dramas, and also to share recommendations. Feel free to send me a friend request on here and/or on Facebook!!  :)


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