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Welcome to my account  

my name is Bana

well i wasn't Korean addicted before my first drama was my fair lady then big , boys over flower, my princess and playful kiss. After that I have decided to stop watching for two years . In 2015 I watched I remember you and because of it I became addicted and couldn’t stop watching  ,so basically I can say the reason was Seo In Guk.  Well ,it started because of him but it lasted because of  junho  my biggest korean crush at the moment ❤️

my favorite actoress is Seo Hyun Jin . I watched one drama for her and I fall for her acting. she deserves the queen of rom-com . 

On my waiting list: 

-Any news about jun ho ,seo in guk, lee kyu hyung , seo hyun jin ,song yoon ah ,jung kyung ho ,kim nam joo and jo seung woo :)

-Reply / prison playbook (at least one of them) new season  

- confirm signal 2 and secret forest 2 with the same cast ^_^

- waiting for black dog first episode!!!  

My current crush:

My 2019 crush : Shin sung rok ❤️

My favorite ahjusshi :Jo seung wooo ❤️

The only actor I rewatch his previous roles before his new one is Jung Kyung Ho . I love that he chooses a different role every time .

My favorite variety actor is Lee Sang Yeob (especially with  Haha and lee kwang soo) 

My favorite relationship (even though it’s not a romance)  : My mister 

My favorite couple (another miss oh) ❤️

then there are many talented actors who I really love and see their dramas like ji sung, yoo ah in, gong yoo, jung kyung ho, jung ki yong , jo seung woo, lee kyu hyung , lee je hoon , lee joon gi , lee sang yeob and lee sun kyun

.as well as really talented actress like song yoon ah,kim nam joo, lee bo young , seo ye ji,won ji ah, moon ga young, IU,  Bae Doona , gong seung yeon ,park bo young and kim so hyun ,

my favorite middle aged cauple will always be the reply parents .

My favorite partners are: (secret forest )


my favorite squad: (avenger social club) and (prison playbook)

my favorite drama is My mister. 

I don’t think I need a reason:) 


I don’t think any drama can beat : Signal . Even it’s not my favorite drama cause I started to love a new gener,

But it will always be one of the best korean dramas ever!! 

Favorite character will always be Looney (prison playbook) my cute boy ❤️

The funniest bromance is: ( chief kim) 

favorite cats fights : (prison playbook)

                My Favorite Quotes: 


my favorite network is Tvn .

Top 20 ( singers )ost: 

   1- SG WANNABE - telling our story (Chicago typewriter)—Lee sung chul - painful love (misty) 

   2-Sondia - Adult (my mister)                                                 

   3- kim feel - youth (reply 1988) / with you (tomorrow with you)

   4- Ben - if we were destined ( a korean odyssey)  / you ( healer)  

   5- Heize - would be better ( wise prison life)    

   6- Ailee  - I will go to you like the first snow ( Goblin)/  goodbye my love (fated to love you )                                      

   7- Jung seung hwan - If it‘s you ( another miss oh) / an ordinary day ( my mister)

   8- Ubran zkapa - wish ( Goblin)  

   9- Wheesung- reason for waiting (the ghost detective)

 10- Davichi - that love (DOTS) / it’s love ( it‘s okay it’s love)      

 11- Seo in guk - finding myself (king of high school ) / no matter what  (Master‘s sun)

 12- Gummy - you’re my everything (DTOS)

 13- junho - what do want me to say (just between lovers )

 14- roy kim - maybe I ( another miss oh) / heaven ( goblin)

 15-RA.D - I just miss you (just between lovers)

 16- jeong eun ji - it’s you ( 3 days)

 17- mad soul child - reset (school 2015)  

 18- DinDin - must be the money (chief kim)

 19- Nell - the memory of that day (suspicion partner)

 20- Zitten - Opening my eyes (just between lovers)

P.s I can’t decide number one 

 I only put korean songs cause if I put the English ones it would be 30 songs . I didn’t know How I made them 20 xD 

well i will download more about me another time i hope you enjoy your time here :D


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