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Hi there!  I'm 21 years old girl addicted to kdramas, Jdramas and Cdramas.

Here are some of my favorites dramas quotes:

"Feeling sad and disappointed is only natural when witnessing disappearances. When a flower withers away, just like it dreams of a new blossom, you’ll live, meet, and love again."  Hotel  Del Luna 
"You should only compete with yourself. Competing with others makes you lonely. I believe true success is living a life where you're not lonely." - Sky Castle 
"Everyone struggles for their whole life, trying to have things. So they live their entire lives trying to prove themselves to everyone but nobody truly knows what they are gaining by doing that." - My Mister 
"In order to have no regrets, passion, or sad stories left inside you when you leave the world, do your best in life." Chicago Typewriter 


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