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About me:
I'm a young woman, who enjoys her life, through ups and downs. I understand the difficulty of life, yet I'm not a defeatist. I manage my life the best way I can and I always try to do the right thing even if it will hurt me. I analyse my behaviour and make conclusions. I try to prevent bad consequenses. I follow my feelings as long as my reason do not involve. I can be very "sweet" and I can be very "bitter". In conclusion - I'm just another person who tries to seperate right from wrong and live in a best way they can.

Why I joined mydramalist?

I found it to be a good place to look for new dramas and remain the count of my favourite ones. Korean dramas and movies are different from the Hollywood's typical movies and soap operas. I like the scent of innocent and pure love which lights its way through the facinating, yet extraordinary stories.
I like the emotions are expressed is so sincere and pure. And the stories are so different from those I'm used to see(like Hollywood movies etc).I like how very often there are unexpected solutions or surprising moments. Also, how it touches watchers' hearts by making you cry and then laugh.
The first drama I ever saw was "You're Beautiful" and it's absolutely my number one favourite. "Love rain" is also becoming one of my number ones :)

I'm fond of this different culture which is different from mine,but yet everything expresses the same basics. I like different and interesting languages and I think if I see just a bit how the life is arranged so far away from me-I learn something of it.
I fell in love with Korean language and its culture and I hope that someday I'll find a way to visit this interesting country.

My favourite quotes from asian movies/dramas.

"The first love doesn't necessarily be the first person." (Finding Mr. Destiny)

"(Shu-san)I thought I'd tell her how I feel, but I've decided to wait a little longer. Even if I tell her now, I think it would just trouble her.  -
(Mio)But.. if you keep your feelings locked in your heart, doesn't it hurt? -
(Shu-san)It hurts. But..I think that a love that can be noticed easily that isn't real love. I want to treasure my feelings for the person I like." ( Ikemen Desu Ne )

"If you don't hold on to an angel tightly, she'll fly away." (Jang Geun Seuk to Ren)(Ikemen Desu Ne)

"Go Mi Nam: Ah, that’s right. Night or day, the sun is the star. Then I must be something like a moon using the light of a star like you.
Tae kyung: But a moon is not completely useless. No matter how many other stars there are at night, the only thing I see is the moon.
Go Mi Nam: Hyung-nim, I can only see one special star right now.
Tae kyung: What? You said there were a lot of stars.
Go Mi Nam: There are, but only one star is twinkling so handsomely. I can only see that star.
Tae kyung: There is a star like that?
Go Mi Nam: Yes, it is a star that many people love. Do you think it would be wrong for me to be one of the many people that like that star?
Tae kyung: Do you really need permission to like something like that? Ask the star. I’m sure you can see it.
Go Mi Nam: Yes.  I am looking at that star. Would it be okay, to like it?" (You're Beautiful)

“Do you know how much I’ve been searching for you? You left a letter and you couldn’t be reached! Are you trying to give me a heart attack? Why are you making me this way? Why have you been made me this way? My heart has felt broken all day! It was pounding from frustration. It felt like it was going to burst! I couldn’t recognize myself from the frustration. I thought I was going to go crazy all day! Even though I screamed and yelled, I didn’t feel any relief! But now that I’ve seen your face I, get it. I.. was missing you all day. I like you.”
—  Lee Gak, Rooftop Prince, Episode 12.

“If you have no memories, you can’t even be together in your heart. Even if all you have are memories, you can be together forever.”
—  Lee Gak (Rooftop Prince ep 7)

"I don't know what will happen now. Will we forget each other or will we live unable to forget, forever in agony? If I have a final is to remember you. In a life without aims, to not even have those memories would be hell." - Kim Bong Gu, Queen in Huyn's Man, episode 15,16

"Have you ever cried because someone else's pain? To share the heart wrenching pain of the person you are with. Is it really possible? If it is, someone taught me that it may be that you are truly in love with that person. " - Heartbreak Library

"Don't worry, as time goes by, the memory remains, but the pain dissipates." - Heartbreak Library

"It was all an illusion and an obsession." - Heartbreak Library

"I'm not going to miss out something that could be great just because it might also be hard." - Listen to Your Heart ( non Asian movie)

"How can love make one feel so powerless and helpless? I'm still in shock after realizing that." - Innocent Man - Eun Gee

"What the heck did you do to me? What could you have possibly done to me? All day long..How can you be walking, running and flying around in my head? How can you do this to me, Kand Ma Roo? I'm really going crazy because of you. I can't work because of you.I can't concentrate. You keep popping up in my head and I miss you. I'm not usually like this. This is not the Suh Eun Gee everybody knows."  - Innocent Man - Eun Gee


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