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Islamabad, Pakistan


Islamabad, Pakistan

A few details about myself, well

I'm 20 years old
My only sort of entertainment comes from dramas and gaming. 
Not gaming anymore because I fried my system and can't run high-end games and ;_;
So, I started picking up dramas from this season and I'd like to say
Jealousy Incarnate is one of the best dramas I've ever watched. The level of cheese is just perfect!

I also watch anime but I haven't watched any recently except Yuri on Ice because a friend made me watch it but I haven't found the right motivation to finish it, I like my dramas better ♥

Also just updated my favourites list if you're interested even though I don't believe in "favourites" they're always overlapped after sometime by new ones and it's hard to keep it all updated.

I also used to love K-POP, I'm an oldie and like bands that don't even exist anymore and all the 'oppars' are now 'ahjussis' it's a sad life. TVXQ will always be the one band that I will never forget. I don't really care for K-POP anymore nor J-ROCK and other asian music, I just listen to EDM and just playlists I find on YouTube like who has the time to download loads of music and create playlists anymore. Even though I must say, I've had one of the most organised, clean music libraries of all time. I'm quite picky when it comes to music and I can't be bothered anymore.

Is it just me or do you guys also feel like American TV shows and other sorts of shows are bland/boring after Korean dramas? 4 years in and I can't relate to anything else.


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