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Similarities :-
- Focuses on friendship
- Focuses on sports
- Teamwork, Failure and lessons on life are given in both
- Here the FL had to leave skating while in the king's avatar the ML had to retire
- Both dramas also focuses on the support casts
- The ML and FL in both dramas knew each other from a long time
- Very Handsome male leads ;D

Differences :-
- No romance in the king's avatar but trust me that won't disappoint you
- Skate into love focuses on ice sports while the king's avatar focuses on e-sports
Recommended by Brightest Star - Jul 1, 2020
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- FL is not soo smart while the ML is very good in studies
- ML also is a student of science
- SML is veryy selfless (so much that there is a probability of second lead syndrome)
- A smarter childhood friend chasing the ML
- Same vibes
Recommended by Brightest Star - Jun 28, 2020
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Both on sports
No romance
Based on friendship
The King's Avatar is also about how the lead makes a team and leads it to winning...
Also the matches in both are very exiciting even if u aren't the one playing... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Recommended by Brightest Star - Jun 23, 2020