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My name is Camille, I am 19 years old and I live in Brazil (Brasil).

Well, I am very generous when it's about rating dramas because I consider 7 a low grade, so I can't force myself to be harsh rating anything. So, if I like it at least a tiny little bit, the lowest rating I can give would be 7, less than that means just awful. 

My first Korean (and general Asian) drama was "Protect the Boss", but I can't really consider it my first, I actually dropped it after 14 episodes, I liked it, but I don't know, never got the will to finish it. Since it's not the drama that dragged me into this world, I consider "Boys Over Flowers" my first drama. My first Japanese drama was "Rich Man, Poor Woman", my first Taiwanese drama was "Skip Beat!", my first Chinese drama was "Love Me If You Dare" and my first Thai drama was "Kiss Me". 

My favorite genres are mystery, revenge, tragedy, psychological, fantasy, investigation and crime, but I watch many romantic comedies, so... My favorite dramas/movies are not necessarily of those genres, but most of them are, probably, principally the movies. 

I've been watching dramas since July, 2014. 


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