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                        About Me                        

I am in my late 20s and began watching dramas around March 2018.  My hobbies include web design/programming/etc, watching dramas, writing, reading, listening to music, knitting and trying to learn new things. I have immense anxiety, so it tends to take me longer to express feelings on certain dramas/etc or make comments/reviews about anything. If I come off as odd; it is due to my anxiety among other issues and I apologize.

I'm Not A Robot holds a special place in my heart and so does Yoo SeungHo. I know some Korean and Japanese but I am still learning. I consider myself addicted to dramas; even if I haven't seen many -- it's pretty much all that I watch now. I do listen to kpop and such among other things. 빈센트(민훈기) is one of my favorite solo artists. His music style is perfection. I adore Lee Junho's acting as well as music; especially his mini Japanese album『想像』. I'm friendly, if you want to message me (with my anxiety, it usually takes me a while to reply) - please do. Friend requests are welcome!  If I send a friend request, we either have something in common or I enjoy reading the posts you make to the 'feeds' section on here (which is a favorite of mine). I also tend to take any moment to make a random gif, especially if it's in the forums section. I also have a tumblr where I post drama/etc gifs. I use the headline "Let's Talk About" when writing articles to get discussion flowing about said drama.

Clean With Passion For NowMy Strange HeroThe Crowned Clown.
Best Chicken EncounterThe Last Empress.

Saturday-Sunday:Memories of the AlhambraPriest

Monday-Friday:   Left-Handed Wife.
*Only lists currently airing dramas.

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Hymn Of Death
 A List Of My Firsts
Clean With Passion For Now
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I do not speed watch (skip scenes/episodes/etc) dramas/episodes because 
I feel it's not complete if I do. This is just a personal preference.

                        Rating System                        
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  1-2.5:   Grueling to complete, so many issues
  3-5.5:   There's a lot I would change, it was okay.
  6-7.5:  Better than I thought it would be, really liked it.
  8-9.5:   Really good, would say I loved it, might have something I would change
    10:      HIGH rewatch value and wouldn't change a thing about it

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