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   PERSONAL INFO:    I'm going to start this off awkwardly. Hello. 안녕하세요. こんにちは. If you want to call me by something, you can call me HYH, hideyourheart or any nickname. If I have felt comfortable enough to tell you my name, you can call me that.  I'm in my late 20s. I began watching dramas around March 2018 and joined here in June 2018. Hobbies: web design/etc (could be considered my occupation), watching dramas, writing, reading, listening to music, knitting and trying to learn new things. As for pets; I have six cats that I love very much. I have anxiety, +++, which causes a slight lag in my responses. I know some Korean but I am still learning (autodidacticism/self-education). I know some Japanese but not nearly as much as I know of Korean since I am focusing more on studying it currently.
   DRAMA AND MUSIC INFO:     I'm Not A Robot holds a special place in my heart since it is the first drama that I completed. Yoo SeungHo is also very special to me.  I no longer watch US series and only watch 1 UK series. I do listen to korean and japanese music.  I'll usually give any song a chance. Groups/Artists: 빈센트(민훈기), Lee Taemin, SHINee, EXO, BTS, 2pm, ASTRO, Lee Gikwang, MonstaX, Suda Masaki, Noda Yojiro and more. For dramas, I usually give anything a chance. KDramas were my first and are still the most prominent but I love a good JDrama too!
   MDL INFO:     I'm friendly, if you want to message me (with my anxiety, it usually takes me a while to reply) please feel free to! And friend requests are absolutely welcome. If I send a friend request I have either read a lot of your posts on the feed (liked them too!) or we have something in common. I do not take part in arguments and will ALWAYS ignore conversations that go in that direction. I believe that everyone has an opinion and they are entitled to it and the expression of it, I accept differing takes on anything and everything - so I will never challenge or question someone's opinion. I write articles sometimes for MDL and when I do I use the headline "Let's Talk About". Including specials and short dramas and all other dramas from Japan, Korea and Taiwan, my 100th completed drama is Confession. 50th film watched is Goodbye Summer.
   SUBTITLES:     I have began my little adventure in subtitling. I am not good at it and it takes me a long time, but I am trying my best and using it as a means to further my korean language studies since I am self taught. The very first video that I ever translated was this little clip of Jung Hae In for Something In The Rain. My first subtitle film project is The Divine Fury and my second is Exit (in progress) both with the wonderful Yuanwei.

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I do not speed watch (skip scenes/episodes/etc) dramas/episodes because 
I feel it's not complete if I do. This is just a personal preference.

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  6-7.5:  Better than I thought it would be, liked it.
  8-9.5:   Really good, would say I loved it, might have something I would change
    10:      HIGH re-watch value and wouldn't change a thing about it


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