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Where K-Dramas Lives On♥︎


Where K-Dramas Lives On♥︎


welcome to my page, I'll like to introduce myself I go by the name Maya. I'm from the US and I reside in Alaska, I have been a fan of Asian Drama since my childhood days and still currently am.  And now lets take a walk through .   would like to introduce the first K-Drama I have watch as a kid, and that would be "Autumn Tale." And since then I did kind of dropped K-Drama for a bit, since likewise k-dramas will most likely ended up with sad ending's.But thanks a lot to "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim" I have started watching K-Dramas again.

 I like to spare my free times and my days off relaxing and enjoying my dramas all day, I know I sound like I have no life but what can I say when its . On the good stuff I am a K-drama, C-drama but more likely of wuxia/ historical (not really of modern Chinese dramas) and also Thai Lakorn especially Borans( those were my childhood days favorite) , but with that said I am more with a greater proportion of K-Dramas.    I have maintain quite a few "lists"  these days to better organize what I may want to watch. Or just custom lists of my favorite dramas, actors and actresses....  And Foremost I'll like to add two dramas that I felt most yet a Love/Hate drama for me but still worth to watch. One is "One And Only"  I've seen a lot of dramas that have sad endings but so far this drama have me on replay cant say I'm disappointed or satisfied with this drama but it left me speechless..  Second is "The Kings Women"

                                     These Are Just A Few Of Names Of My Tops




 Descendant Of The Sun

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

 Uncontrollably Fond

She Would Never Know

  Crash Landing On You

OH My Venus

 Extraordinary You   

   Prison Play Book      

  Are You Human?

    The Fiery Priest         

                                        Mr. Queen

   Dr. Romantic

 Tale Of The Nine-Tale

A Korean Odyssey

Taxi Driver

The Uncanny Counter

True Beauty

         The Masters Sun

    Move To Heaven     

     The Nokdu Flower

 Fight For Way

                       Hotel Del Luna        
 W-Two World


      One And Only

   Ill Never Let You Go
                         See You Again      
             To Be With You
                          The Legends

                             Stay With Me
       Here To Your Heart

Oh! My Sweet Liar

The Blooms At Ruyi Pavilion

 My Robot Boyfriend


  My Girlfriend Is An Alien
 The Kings Women    
    To Love To Heal
                             Love Is All

   Meng fei Come Across

 The sleepless Princess

 The Romance Of Hua Rong 

     Goodbye My Princess

                Love A Lifetime
                            Princess At Large

 Love Through A Millennium
  I've Fallen For You    
   Dance Of The Phoenix

         Tra Barb See Chompoo

    Suparburoot Jorm Jon: Marurot Lohgan

                  Sawan Biang

Jai Rao                        

             Pin Anong

 Samptan Hua Jai

   Leh Ruk Bussaba

      Waen Dok Mai

         Roy Leh Sanae Rai

           I Wanna Be Sup'Tar

  Fun Fueng

      Roy Lae Sanae Luang

 Kaew Na Mah

           Sung Tong

             Kha Neung Ha

            Buang Banjathorn

 Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan

         Nang Chada

Karn La Krang Neung Nai Hua Jai

          Khon La Lok

             Sawan Saang

And The Lists Is To Be Contiuned....

 I rate according's to level of what I enjoy: 

10.0- My All Time Favorites Worth The Watch And Highly Recommended

9/9.5- "Almost-There" Its Either A Amazing Drama Or Just Not A Happy Ending For Me With Open Ending Or Sad Ending

8/8.5- Enjoy It But Wouldn't Re-watch It

7/7.5-  Interesting But Could've Been Better

6/6.5- Managed To watch it and not to bad

1/5.5- Drag my way through, wouldn't recommend

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R.I.P Jonghyun

                      And Lastly My Two Favorite Couples, Wishes Them Nothing But To Be Healthy And A Happy Long Happy Relationship



                                                                      What's So Special About These Bones? Even The Royal Family Fears Them, And All The People In The Land Praise Them.  "If He Die, He Wishes That You Would Not Try To Find Him , Let Him Bury Where He Die." Once The Person Has Die, He Left  Nothing In This World, Even If You Could Find Him, You Would Feel Nothing But Sadness.

"Throughout My Life, I've Never Let Anyone Down But Eleven

 如一 (As Always) - 任嘉伦 | One and Only OST 周生如故    

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