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Cherry's Corner ________…………©


Cherry's Corner ________…………©



I'm ╰● ΩΩ Cherry Bunny ΩΩ●╮ 

I'm an American girl who loves bunnies and the color pink. Way back in 2006, because I have always been a Sailor Moon fan, I got on the relatively new YouTube to watch Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (The live action version of the manga/anime) That was my very first drama ever and it was rather bad so I had no interest in watching more dramas, thinking that they must all be like that. :p A few years later, around 2010, I gave dramas another shot. I started watching a  few jdramas, I think the first was 1 Litre of Tears. Then, eventually I became hooked on KDramas after seeing Boys Before Flowers. I mainly watch Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese dramas and movies although I also enjoy Mainland Chinese dramas and movies. I have even started to watch Thai dramas and movies, as well. Basically, if it sounds interesting to me, I will try it. (*^ω^*) My favorite dramas are cute and romantic with enough humor throughout. And of course I like my leading men to be nice to look at, too. :P

Also, I was once one of the Ahjummas from the old Ask An Ahjummah article series. ;)



How I Rate Dramas and Movies:

I decide between episode 3 and episode 6  if I am going to drop a drama or not. Unless it gets really bad after that, I'll stay with it until the end.

I start rating at episode 5. My rating can go up and down from that point on until I finish it, at which point I will decide on an overall score.

 10~ I absolutely loved it! Either had no flaws, or even with the flaws, I still loved it and don't care.

8-9~ Was almost perfect but for a few very minor flaws.

7~ It was alright. Not awesome, but not horrible, either.

6~ Very strong "Eh.."

4-5~ Pretty bad. Do not recommend

1-3~ Exceptionally bad. Hated it with a passion. Stay far, far away!

0~ Cannot rate. Either dropped, or haven't decided rating. 

 Check out  My Favorite Dramas for a bunch of other dramas I really enjoyed and would highly recommend. 

Also, check out  My Favorite Movies for more movies that I really enjoyed and would highly recommend.

I also am a fan of Godzilla movies (especially ones with Mothra) and anything Sailor Moon.



                                                                                           My ultimate bias:


                                                                                               Lee Joon Gi

 I <3 this man! This is my favorite role of his from Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Goreyo. 





 Due to repeated incidents, I felt the need to add this disclaimer, of sorts.  If I state my opinion on the forums or on the feeds, I am not trying to start drama with you. If I reply to another person's idea or opinion, and happen to disagree with it, I, again, am not trying to insult, judge, or ridicule anyone. I have a very direct, blunt personality, so please do not take it to heart or think I am purposefully being rude. If you feel I am somehow, please PM me. Most of the time, I do not know if I sound that way. On the flip side, because I try hard not to be too blunt in case I offend someone, I can also come across as too nice or sugar coating.  I also have a tendency to be way too wordy and over explain things. Sorry about that! ♡

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