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Hey there, drama enthusiast! 🎭 I’ve got a confession: my watchlist is way more epic than it appears. I just can’t seem to keep up with logging them all! 

A little bit about me

I’ve been absolutely captivated by Asian entertainment since the tender age of 10, with “Strangers from Hell” being my gateway K-drama. It was a natural transition from webcomics, which I’d been devouring a year prior. It’s fascinating how many of these comics spring to life on the screen!

I thrive on dissecting dramas, delving deep into the psyche of each character, and unraveling the ‘why’ behind their every move. It’s like being a detective in a world of intrigue and emotion. Sure, sometimes discussions get heated, but hey, that’s just passion at play, right?  


As someone who’s proudly gay and non-binary, I’ve got to say, the way Asian dramas often depict gay characters really misses the mark. It’s a bummer to see these roles reduced to stereotypes or treated as mere fantasy fodder. And when it’s mostly content by and for a specific audience, it can unintentionally sideline the very people it’s portraying, which isn’t cool.

BL dramas, in particular, tend to overlook the beautiful tapestry that is the LGBTQ+ community, leading to a narrow and sometimes fetishized narrative. It’s a real issue when parts of the fandom dismiss or act hostile towards anyone who isn’t a cisgender man. That’s not just exclusion; it’s a form of homophobia, and it’s not okay.  

It’s especially disheartening when platforms like MDL seem to amplify these attitudes. But hey, I’m an optimist at heart, and I believe in the power of conversation and education to bring about change. Let’s keep pushing for more inclusive and authentic representation that celebrates every color of the rainbow!  

Now, let’s talk drama pet peeves with a twist of zest:

  1.  Cringe romance in thrillers? More like a thriller-killer!
  2. BL dramas that miss the mark? We need more authenticity, less stereotype!
  3. Love triangles that go nowhere? Let’s straighten those out.
  4. Doormat FLs? Nope, give us characters with backbone!
  5. Misogynistic MLs? Hard pass. Respect is the new sexy.
  6. Overhyped idol actors? Talent over hype, please!
  7. Dumb characters? Intelligence is in vogue.
  8. Simp MLs? How about complexity and depth instead?
  9. Insta-love tropes? Let’s slow down and build the connection.
  10. Arrogant leads? Humility makes for a much more compelling journey.
  11. Childish FLs? We’re all for grown-up storytelling.


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