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Wol hwa

In your dreams

Wol hwa

In your dreams

Nice to meet you! I am Wol Hwa (월화).

I have been here for years now but I still don't know a lot of things. Cause I just see dramas.

I am just a young and wild soul who does basically anything if I find it cool. On that pretext, i read mangas, manhwas and not-quite-so-much novels. I used to watch anime but got to addicted, i had to stop. I do listen to asian music but only mainstream (surface level)

 I am on a journey to learn Chinese. If you can teach me how to swear in Chinese, please slide into my messages *wink, wink* 

Also, the way I rate dramas now is based on how much I wanna see the next episode of the drama. The drama can be shit as hell but if I want to see the next episode like there is no tomorrow, then I will give it a 10 and vice versa. That's how I roll, ig.

  But do feel free to talk to me or message me. 

 I am not going to be actively online till next year due to some personal reasons.




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