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I visited Japan for the first time in Autumn 2017 and loved it! I've been every year since, well, that would be true if it wasn't for the Corona virus, so with the exception of 2020, I've been every year and intend to go there every year. Each time has been for 22 days and nights, more of a coincidence than anything else.

I am trying to learn Japanese. Watching Japanese dramas and anime helps get me used to the sounds of the language, provides some insights into Japanese culture and also gives some reference points.

I love Japanese food. Up until about five years ago it was hard to find Japanese food other than sushi here in Amsterdam, but then ramen restaurants have popped up all over the place and there are quite a few places serving izakaya-style food too. I love Japanese dramas that revolve around food, such as Wakakozake.

I grew up in Ireland. Ireland and Japan probably couldn't be more different to each other but they do share some things in common. Ireland is at the western extreme of Europe with thousands of kilometers of sea between it and the next body of land, the USA. Japan is at the eastern extreme of Asia with thousands of kilometers of sea between it and the next large body of land, the USA. Both cultures have been influenced by their close neighbours but also by their semi-isolation. It's a tenuous link but I like to think that it partially explains why I like Japan so much.


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