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          I N  T H E  M O O D  F O R  L O V E          

momo | female | 7/10 | student

Hello, I'm Momo! I'm a student who enjoys watching dramas (+movies) in my free time which is usually during holidays, if I'm busy with school. I enjoy all types of dramas, usually, even though I tend to enjoy newer dramas these days. Unfortunately, I suffer from the second male lead syndrome more than I should but it's oddly enough satisfying - even with the never-ending pain that follows along.

I really enjoy talking with people so feel free to talk with/add me if you would like! Also, I've been studying Korean for approximately 4 years now so if you're in the same boat as me, let's not be shy with one another and practice together!

Currently watching:

☆ Are You Human Too?

☆ Let's Eat 3

☆ Mr. Sunshine

☆ Ugly Alert

☆ Voice 2


Plan to watch:

☆ Drinking Solo 2


Favorite genres:

Dramas: Suspense, Friendship, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Crime, Life, Youth, Family, Melodrama, Detective, Tragedy, Investigation

Music: R&B, Jazz, Indie, Soul

2017 Watch Challenge: 20/20 (+3) [August 4 to October 6, 2017]

Drama Discovery Challenge: 25/35 [September 18, 2017 to ??, 2018]

2018 Watch Challenge: ??/?? [?? to ??, 2018]

Favorite dramas:

2010: Sungkyunkwan Scandal

2011: White Christmas

2012: Reply 1997, Rooftop Prince, School 2013

2013: Reply 1994, The Queen's Classroom, You Who Came from the Stars

2014: Incomplete Life, It's Okay That's Love, Pinocchio, Valid Love

2015: Angry Mom, Blood, Ex-Girlfriend Club, I Remember You, Kill Me Heal Me, Remember – War of the Son, Reply 1988, She Was Pretty, The Lover

2016: Age of Youth, Cheese in the Trap, Descendants of the Sun, Drinking Solo, Goblin, Hwarang, Love in the Moonlight, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week, Signal

2017: Avengers Social Club, Chicago Typewriter, Defendant, Fight For My Way, Go Back Couple, Save Me, The Guardians, Tunnel, Voice

2018: Laughter in Waikiki, Life on Mars


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