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Somewhere far far away^^


Somewhere far far away^^

I'm an awesome drama dork!

...Who has waa~y too much time on her hands xp

I always welcome new friends so don't be shy ♡

Okay here are some facts about me:

First drama: Master's sun

Drama that I'm fixated on right now: See you in my 19th life & Miraculous brothers

Favorite actors:

 Too many! but at the top of my head I'd say...

Male: Won Bin, Gong Yoo, Lee Seung gi and Yeo Jin-goo

Female: Son Ye-jin and Kim Yoo-jung

Favorite screen writer: Kim Eun Sook

My recommendations for right now;

Drama: Oh no! Here comes trouble 2023 

Movie: Man from nowhere, Hwayi: Monster boy & Running man (2013)

I'm not picky about genre's as long as the story is interesting!

Also a sucker for family bonds and bromance's...

Dollmac over and out!



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