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Bow Then Kiss
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by Goyangi

Jul 11, 2018
Overall 10
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 10.0
Shout Out~
Okay first off, huge thanks and Shout Out goes towards YoshihiroStepper for uploading the entire movie. It was a cinematic in theaters and we had to wait months for the DVD release plus a month or so more for the translations. So, extreme thanks YoshihiroStepper for uploading this and having it translated for us to watch. You can view the parts separately on his channel:, and i have sent a message to hopefully give him the merged videos so that you guys can watch it with out interruptions. Please go through his channel, he has so much content to offer that I'm still going through so definitely check it out.

Alright so lets get into the story. I knew from the beginning what this movie was going to be all about, or vaguely did, and it was exactly what it was from the trailers. An archery club, romance, and some conflict here and there. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, it was captivating from start to finish and even though i could watch the movie raw and still understand whats going on it was still good. The jist of the story is archery, romance, conflict, done, but there was so much more going in especially learning about Youta's mom and dad, the love between Youta and An and how it unfolded. The story is very simplistic yet captivating. It also had an incredible anime/manga feel to it. You could tell it was from a manga. I also can understand why it got 7.6 by most people that already watched the movie, because somethings just were not answered. Yuki is a big example. How did he get the illness, more about Yuki and Youta previously. More information about how everything happened with Youta and his parents like a flashback scene possibly. I would have like to have seen a love triangle between Youta, An and Kuwabara. He, to me, was attractive, I didn't get extreme SLS like I would with some Second Leads but he fit the bill and progressing through the movie you could tell that there was an opening for a love triangle or rather a rivalry to form and would have gave it a little more edge. I also wanted to know the place that Youta was at, i wanted to know more about the connection between the two. So there were a lot of pieces missing from this story that could have been filled. Maybe the main focal point of the movie was to revolve around Youta and An but it doesn't hurt to add a little more background story. Plus, how their love progressed was interesting to me, at first i thought it was going to be a slight controlling/toxic, then I thought it was really sweet and cute. He seemed to control the love between them until she was decided on her own whether she wanted this or not.

The acting was really good. I could not find fault with the acting to be honest. One scene I did question (and laughed) but I wont spoil it for you guys its just later on in the movie. The acting was really good, the actors were spot on. I don't really have any disapproval's.

This was one of my most favorite things out of this entire movie. That music was channeling John Williams "Memoirs of a Geisha" vibe. One sound in particular you would think that it was from Memoirs of a Geisha. The music was good, it was not weird or out of place. It fit the subtly of the story.

Would I re-watch it, definitely. Maybe not 10 or 15 times but yes i would re-watch it. Would i recommend it, yes. Its not actiony, so for some it maybe a little boring, but for something subtle definitely.

Overall, it was good. It wasn't actiony, so it maybe boring to some. It wasn't mushy, even though i love a good mushy gushy romance, it was subtle and it was love. I really enjoyed that aspect. There were some things missing that could have been fixed and somethings that could have been added but through it all it was a complete romance and I liked it and encourage other people to watch it and give their thoughts.

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