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Drama Mama Lambanana


Drama Mama Lambanana


Hello! Ni hao! Annyeonng!

A bit about me

No drama hang ups from 2023, only 30 titles completed. I've made a soft 2024 resolution to watch a movie if I catch myself doom scrolling, I've already watched 2 movies in the 3 days!!!

Former one-drama-at-a-time binge-watcher, I used to hate “chasing” series. At the beginning of 2022 I ventured into ‘watching many airing dramas at once’ territory and thrived there for a while. Now I mix it up. I’m active on the feeds and welcome friend requests, especially if you write the type of thoughtful reviews that I envy.

I'm neither cult or resistance. I'm 'would have been cult but missed the boat and wasn't particularly sad about it either'. 

I might try and make this bio page a bit more aesthetically pleasing, but requires me to choose images. I'm chronically indecisive (in nearly all aspects of my life).

I’m part of Chinese diaspora that grew up on HKTVB series but not watched any in years. Now I mostly, although not exclusively, watch C- & K-dramas. I wish to learn and improve new language skills to watch more dramas without relying on subs, although we’re so used to subs we have them on for all languages. I’m old enough to remember VHS rentals. I worked in one. Watching dramas was part of my job!! 

Romance - Contract marriages
Mystery - Intrigue - Detective/whodunnit
Fantasy -Body/identity swap - Time loops
Family drama 

Not so keen:
Unnecessarily long series

Pet hates:
Romanticising CPR
Long flashbacks of something that happened 5 mins ago

My rating system (is completely unreliable and I disagree with many of my own past ratings. Way too generous)

10* I loved it so much I will overlook any flaws. What flaws?

9-9.5* Excellent. I probably ugly cried. Would recommend without embarrassment.

8-8.5* Very good. Excelled in something. Has rewatch value.

7-7.5* Good. Entertaining.

6-6.5* OK. Probably started off well but lacks something.

1-5* If I've not dropped something with such low rating, I must have been forced to watch it against my will.


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