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Novoland... a la Tribes and Empires


Novoland... a la Tribes and Empires



While I don't mind accepting friend requests, I would like for you to ask yourself if you are doing it to "collect" or to actually meet people, discuss, fangirl, rant together. If you choose option 2, go right ahead and click that send request button! 

OK, now you may continue.

I'm Ari. I'm also still known as Lis sometimes because of my previous username, LisNoir. I used to be one of MDL's forum mods.

And now to the good stuff!

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People may wonder why I don't like them? Well, I think they are completely overrated. But hey! you like what you like and I'll love what I love, O...K?  People may, also, think I'm gonna be missing out in a lot but I'll somehow survive.Don't suggest dramas or movies with any of them.. .Ever...

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Korean variety shows I watch

  1. 1N2D S3
  2. Running Man

Other Shows:

  1. Game of Thrones
  2. IZombie
  3. American Horror Story


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