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San Jose, CA, United States


San Jose, CA, United States

Immersed in Asian dramas since 2017

I usually only watch dramas that has some sort of romance. I'm big on the action and thriller scene for movies on the flip side. Historical dramas and films are a big red flag for me; I can never seem to enjoy them. Currently learning Mandarin and Spanish. I also have never and will never experience 2nd Lead Syndrome. 

Rating System for Shows:

Personal enjoyment is the number one criteria in my ratings. I'm not a critique for script writing, acting, and other criteria, but I will include those in my ratings if they were oustandingly bad or good. 

  • 9-10: I enjoyed the show very much and would recommend to others.
  • 8.5: I mostly enjoyed the show but couldn't help but notice a few flaws.
  • 7.5-8: I didn't enjoy the show for the majority of the time and struggled to finish it.
  • 1-7.5: Drop criteria, or a struggle to finish if I'm in a good mood.


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