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From my Plan-to-Watch list, it's apparent that I have made a habit out of adding movies that I don't get around to watching, at least not within the first few months. Strangely, it is easier to watch dramas. In any case, this account is my journal, to keep track of how many and which series and movies I have watched, want to watch, dropped, etc. 

I often lean towards stories with conflict that is not centered around romance; and, yes, I expect fleshed out characterizations, even with plot-driven narratives.  I am also keen on visual storytelling; the audience should get the space to pick on details and put together the plot, and derive their meaning from it. 

I am versatile in that I can oscillate between watching for pondering and picking apart the direction / scriptwriting / story to watching for amusement (usually when life is overwhelming). I am not easily pleased, though I am a bit of a focus-on-the-good, as my ratings suggest. In my defense, I am just as particular about the shows and movies I pick up, if I don't plan on binging. Time is limited – unless one is procrastinating on important work, of course! :p 

Have suggestions? PM me.


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