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I watch dramas when I have nothing much to do or a lot to procrastinate on. And the story of my falling down the endless k-drama rabbit hole goes something like this: 

I stumbled across a famous clip from The Last Empress on KOCOWA's YouTube channel wherein Jang Na Ra (who I had then imagined to be a woman in her twenties) was venting out her frustration on a sinless, helpless piece of fish (which was lifeless, don't worry) by tearing it into shreds with her mighty chopsticks. You see, I had watched two k-dramas before: The Time We Were Not in Love in January 2018, and Fight for My Way in summer of 2018. However, The Last Empress introduced me to a world of power politics, crime, and mystery I never - in my ignorance - associated with k-dramas; it also has actors that I have come to respect. As it aired, I watched other dramas too, mostly thrillers, and one rom-com and one melo (which is a genre I have discovered I usually tend to have zero patience for). And what do you know, two of my favourites starred Jang Na Ra: Go Back Couple and Hello Monster

So here I am, watching, rating, and reviewing dramas. As you can see from my favourites in my custom list, I lean towards dramas with conflict that is not centered around romance and have well-crafted characters. Have a suggestion? PM me. :)

P.S: I may or may not love Jang Na Ra to death.

P.P.S: Which couple does the GIF on my profile picture feature, you must wonder? They're from Hello Monster. Watch the damn drama, you cowards! And answer these questions before you flee:


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