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Somewhere on Earth


Somewhere on Earth
The Crown Princess
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by RhopalocerA

Jun 25, 2018
12 of 12 episodes seen
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Overall 8.5
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 5.0
I finished The Crown Princess today at 1.30 AM 25/6/18 and decided to write a review for this lakorn as there are many thoughts inside my head waiting to be expressed because if not , I'll die unhappily ( :P) So here we go.. my thoughts upon finishing TCP..

Plus points for me :-

1) Because this has Nadech and Yaya as MC. I'm actually a Yadech's shipper since Game Rai Game Rak (2011) and TCP was my forth lakorn of them. To say the truth, my feeling is not going as strong as before. Maybe because I already got used of seeing Yadech always being paired up together in lakorns. You know.. the feel it's like when you listen to a song for the first time and you fall so in love with it. The song become so special and precious to you..but the moment you start put it on repeat , after dozens time you kinda get tired of it and the song is'nt special anymore. But if you hear the song anywhere in the public, all the old feelings will emerge again and you realize, this song albeit it is not special anymore but you still hold it dearly in your heart. That song is Yadech to me.. >.< I know that Yaya and Nadech are a very close friend in reality and many wish they're dating but who knows..they might really be in the future seeing how they acts toward each other in many clips I've seen of them. (Shout out to all Yadech's shipper out there : Guys, please don't lose hope :p )

2) Great acting, good chemistry of our MC .. So, as always, like in her previous lakorns (worth to mention: Klueen Cheewit!) , Yaya's acting also was exceptional here. This actress really can bring each of her characters to life. She carries Princess Alice Madeleine Theresa Phillips like the character was her all along. I love her character the most . She potrayed a kick-ass crown princess, cold from the outside but very warm inside, knews when she need to fight her enemies upfront and knews when she need to give in. The moment she find her true love yeah it was tragic because she found it on commoner , she did'nt hide or denied it but accepted it and tried to make her love come true. One thing that grated my nerves was writer made her character clumsy with her scenes tripped over the ground or something so many times and that of course will get our ML rushing over and helps her again and again. That trait was contradictory with her strong and kick ass character. Whereas Nadech as Lieutenant Commander Davin Samuthyakorn was perfect. He's sexy and damn good looking. I could stare at his face and admire his beautiful face while wondering why God made him so perfect both infront and behind camera :P. I also have issues with his character, Davin has a god level of self- restraint and a bit reserved when it came to love. I just wish writer made his character loosen up a bit and show him give in more to his feeling and brave enough to express and fight for his love . Yup, I got that he is a soldier but showing your real emotions doesn't make you less soldier than other. It will only make him more human.

3) Great acting and the backstory of the villains. I wont talk about this much because it might spoil who have'nt watch it yet. I love the twist that revealed who is our main villain because I did'nt expect it at all O.O But when I think back, it made sense. Meanwhile , speaking about the villain number 2 , Hadaeth. Strangely I did'nt hate him for all the cruel things he did. I just pity his character much. ( Okay.....I'm shocked. I just find out that Hadaeth was being played by 2 actors , Peter Corp and the other one is Jason Young. I did'nt even catch the differences while watching and thought it was Peter Corp all along. Duhh)

4) Exquisite royal attires and other characters costumes. I especially in love with Princess Alice wardrobe choice.Yaya is already pretty and to add beautiful attires on top of that, she looks angelic here. I also favoured most of Nadech attires except his light brown color uniform because it look too tight and uncomfortable on Nadech. Prince Alan wardrobe also great , I loved the royal black uniform in his last scene the most.

5) Great action scenes. Those were of high class. If romance-action genre is your forte, give this lakorn a go.

6) Good OST. I loved the ending theme song more than the opening song.

7) All those countless picturesque views where the lakorn was filmed. The waterfall views in the island where our MC met for the second times. The mountain with the tribe where our MC seek refuge in Thailand. The mountain where our MC in a journey to find Prince Alan. The massive castles with all its ornament in Hrysos. They're all a real treat to the eyes. The scenes were beautifully shot and are postcard worthy. While watching, many time I'm busy awing at the beautiful scene behind than caring about what the act was .

Minus points for me :-

1) The lack of romance. TCP made up with 50% of action, 40 % of family drama and ONLY 10 % of romance. I'm quite reluctant to say it was romance because all we got was a careful and calculating romance. For this, I'm so mad at the producer, the director and the writer because they're so stingy with it..the kiss scenes except the one at the finale were unsatisfying too . It was so unfair they could'nt give us even 1 hour full of romance between our MC considering this lakorn got I hour and 50 mins long for each episode and if I convert this lakorn into 1 hour format ,this have 22 episodes..such a long hour but so little romance..whyyy :((

2) The storyline. I could'nt pinpoint what exactly was lacking but what I know is ,it lacked the 'X' factor that will make the viewer go crazy over it. The story is just good enough and not that addicting. I felt bored at ep 4 and 5 because it was slow.

So , overally this is a very good lakorn watch this if you're a Yadech fan and love action-drama-romance genre. Thanks for reading!
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