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Somewhere on Earth


Somewhere on Earth
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by RhopalocerA

Sep 19, 2013
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Overall 9.0
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 5.0
Wow! What a mind-blowing movie.I write this review in hopes that more will watch this movie. For those who like a thriller/crime/mystery genre this is really worthy to kill your time off and to pass it is your loss.It has everything what a thriller or mystery movie should be and doesn't lack anything IMO. Thriller element:This was executed nearly perfect! As the story progresses you will get more thrilled and more suspense. You have no choice but to stimulate your sympathetic nerve activity and at every turns to keep guessing what had happened. XD The feeling is like when you're watching someone's running from the one who have an intention to kidnap her.They got pretty close and dangg! The victim fell down over the medium size tree branch and you as a viewer will crazily hastily wish for the victim to stand up faster and to continue running but.....( Use your creative imagination to illustrate what will happens next :P ) Yeah, you will get that kinda feel. Maybe this situation is not good enough to explain how good this movie was. Blame it on me.I really want to explain this practically but my english is'nt that good either so to avoid unnecessarily talking just watch & judge it by yourself. Moreover all the plots and the acting is done very well (I especially love Uhm Jung Hwa's acting :D ) also I don't find any flaw with the story. Overall I really enjoyed watching this movie & I'd highly recommend this to fellow MDL user :)
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