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Maou japanese drama review
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by Matrix
Feb 10, 2017
11 of 11 episodes seen
Overall 10
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 9.5
Music 8.5
Rewatch Value 2.5
You may be thinking that I'm being a little too generous for my ratings, but this show broke me in so many ways I'm still speechless. Story: Not your average revenge plot, I can tell you that. This story is based around Serizawa Naoto and Naruse Ryou (Manaka Tomoo). Naoto is a Detective whose past comes back to haunt him in the most unforgiving of ways, while Ryou plays a wolf in sheep's clothing posing as the 'angelic lawyer'. It's interesting how this show didn't follow most revenge-based cliches, as there are no protagonists or antagonists, no soppy romance getting in the middle. It's dark, and unforgiving. This show questions morality, love, forgiveness, justice and how one deals with loss. Whether it turns you into a monster, or saves you from the monster. Acting/Cast: Ho~ Ho~ The acting in this is superb. My opinions are in no way bias, yes i am in love with Ikuta Toma's work as I am familiar with him in Ouroboros, but I did not expect this - this punch to the gut. He and Ohno Satoshi were on the same wavelength throughout the drama. Seeing them work together, feeding off of each others emotions, it's captivating to watch. Ikuta Toma was MADE for this role just as much as Ohno Satoshi was. Some may think Ohno Satoshi's acting was a little wooden, but that's purely subjective. i thought the same too in the first episode or two, but afterwards he's quickly become my favorite actor who i'm now looking out for. The supporting cast was equally as great, but these two stand out. Music: Meh, in the beginning I thought it was a little bit cheesy. Yet, as I made it to the last couple of episodes the music was making my heart ache in emotion. Rewatch Value: Maybe after a month or two I'd come back to watch a couple of episodes. All subjective. If you're a masochist, yeah, you could watch it. Overall: Easily one of my top favorites. A show that'll stick with you throughout your life. This is by all means not a happy show, it's brutal and dark. If you're looking for some romance, or Ikuta Toma kawaii-ness, turn back.
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