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Orthros no Inu japanese drama review
Orthros no Inu
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by Matrix
Feb 27, 2017
9 of 9 episodes seen
Overall 9.5
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 8.5
Rewatch Value 8.0
I started this drama like, I don't know, at the beginning of last year. Didn't really pull me in, then again at the time I had only just entered the world of asian dramas so I was multitasking the crap out of everything. I watched 20 minutes, thought 'meh, not really my style' and left it. Holy mother Mary did I make a MISTAKE. This drama has emotionally killed me. Repeatedly. In a very violent manner. Let me tell you why. Story: One man has the hand of 'God', which can heal any illness or wound. Another has the hand of the 'Devil', which can kill with a single touch. What the real kicker here is that the ones who have the 'God' and 'Devil' hands are polar opposites of what they bestow. Think of it this way, Moriarty has the 'God' hand, while John Watson has the 'Devil' hand. Seems like one big cosmic joke, doesn't it? The show amazingly questions and answers morals of killing and healing. It shows the way power corrupts even the most innocent of people when offered the chance of life. I was often left with my jaw hanging on the floor at some parts. This show is so dark. I love it. Acting/Cast: Everyone did a brilliant job of portraying their respective characters, but the two male leads stood out. Takizawa Hideaki especially nailed his character's detached way of looking at things and his twisted view on saving lives. Music: The music suited the drama so much, there wasn't an off moment. Rewatch Value: Maybe after a while, but definitely worth the rewatch. Overall: I cannot believe I found this drama dull the first time I saw it. Blasphemy! This has easily been added to my favorite drama list.
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