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Sawatdee khrab!.

I am a falang here from Seattle, US. I am a fanatic about watching Thai TV shows and all kinds of movies, especially in the BL genre, but I watch almost anything I can get my hands on that's produced in Thailand or Laos.

I have not yet been to southeast Asia, but I would love to go someday and I am currently learning the Thai language on my own. In addition to travelling to Thailand someday, I am learning Phasa Thai in hopes I can at some point make a contribution to translation and subbing of shows and movies. I would like to connect with a native thai speaker online who can help with some of the tricky grammar and cultural questions I occasionally have about your beautiful country. I am happy to do this in return if you are attempting to learn English or know anyone that needs help in this area. 

I am also generally available to proofread, and/or help with subtitle editing for anyone wanting to translate thai or lao media into english (or spanish!). I appreciate how much time and effort it takes to subtitle stuff and have been trying to find a way to contribute and say thanks to the people that have subbed out all the shows I love. 


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