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^^ WELCOME to My Page ^^

(Please put on your earphones and listen! :)

"Quote of The Month"

"""Be in this world like a stranger or one who is passing through."""

  Please mind the pic above ^^

- I'm 23, Turkish

- I dream a lot and want to travel many places

- I also like reading a lot


Well... years ago when I was at secondary school (I must be 12 or something) our national Tv channel broadcasted this drama every afternoon on weekdays.


and I was mesmerized by clothes,food,palace life,nature, jang geum and the whole story.

                                         My very first drama still makes me smile ❤️

Strange thing is for a few years I watched some historical dramas on TV and I thought they make only historical dramas.It's a bit silly I know. -.-

Then like two years ago my interest rose up again because of my dear k-drama addict friend at university...So, my very first modern k-drama happened to be Kill Me Heal Me.

SHİN sE Gi  ❤️


So here I am, back in drama land.I try to learn a lesson or something from dramas I watch.However unrealistic they may seem, I think we can grab something important if we look close enough.

If a drama has a happy ending, it is highly likely that I will rate it high.(I'm a sucker for happy endings.) A strong female lead,good ost... but the most important thing is the story/plot for me and how it made me feel. I rarely rewatch a drama.

^_^  OPPA LAND  ^_^

I used to like male leads such as Uhm Tae Woong, Lee Seo Jin etc. from historical dramas.I was a kid back then and well,they are ajushi now. x)

In order of priority my Oppa land goes like this...

  1.Seo In Guk


2.Park Bo Gum

Played the best crown prince I ever seen.<3 He is kind,handsome,real "namja" if you know what I mean ;)


3.The one who made me fall in love with his voice...Yoo Kihyun from MONSTA X <3


4.Lee Jong Suk..It's not just about his looks.I find him so sincere whenever he cries in a scene.

It's weird I know but that's just the way it is.We cried together in I Hear Your Voice,for example.


5.The one I've been into since my comeback to dramaland... Park Hae Jin.I think he has a kind heart and he works hard as well.Don't mind the gangster look in the photo ^.^


*****************************************************                       ****************************************************


As for KPOP...I'm still not that into everything -I still find all the dances and rap thing ...well...strange?? (lol,to myself x) but you know, it's not possible to stay away from them when you try to learn Korean or watch k-drama...-_- 

So... after I listen to a lot of MONSTA X and buy fan stuff, I think

I am an official MonBebe since 19.05.2017...ˆˆ



They are the first for me...

The first group in which I like every member.

First time I listen to one song and it Stucks with me.

The first and only group I learnt members' names properly and without effort (:

The first kpop group I cheerish <3

Our deal goes like this...


Kihyun: above is the man I've really crushed on.He is special to me in a way__His voice and... actually I like him for what he is....just Kihyunnn >.<  

Shownu: I wish he was my brother,mann...:) Quiet but Perfect leader <3


Wonho: The guy I couldn't seperate from Minhyuk at first.To me, they are "princess sisters". xD They are "the visuals" indeed and Wonho is actually a lot more emotional than he looks.



Minhyuk :Sunshine.. xd I find him kind and somehow he manages to be always on the bright side.Without him MX definitely wouldn't be what it is now

There goes my big bro and the princess Minhyuk xd


But don't mind me..In any of the MV's, he is everything but a princess.. if you get what I mean ;)

He is one dangerous man for my heart^^

Hyungwoon: Also a visual but he was difficult for me.That sleepiness on him was about to make me lose his trace in group.. yet then again, as I watched him, he grew on me.We are good now ;) his specialty is finding everything so freaking funny XD


Jooheon:Well,like I said I'm not that into rap but this dongseng of mine helped me change my mind. He is the cool and pretentious guy when he raps but in any haunted house he turns into a chicken XD (He is also my junior by months,lol ^^)

Also a very good vocal..


I.M. (Changkyun) : My ultimate bias in the group.He is so mature for his age and I like his style. He and I are kind of similar in certain ways. :) He doesn't know about it but I claimed myself as his noona and I'll cheer for him as long as I listen to kpop.^^




See,I think he'd agree with me being his noona...Good boy,good dongseng


Anyway,in short, I simply cheerish every one of my men :)


* * * * * * *



I wish them success and long to meet them one day (*fingers crossed*)


Here's what else I like...

    Bangtan Boys  a.k.a BTS ^.^  I do love this image                    


B❤️A❤️N❤️G❤️T❤️A❤️N   B❤️O❤️Y❤️S

         They are full of life ^.^         W19QXyk1_93da51_f.jpg  

BTS definitely gives off different aura from others.

Greetings to all the Army :)



There comes EXO... when I listen to their songs I feel either too hyped up or too emotional so they definitely know how to make me feel it...and the feeling of we are the one thing is quite cool :)    


The trio I like the most -because of Scarlet Heart OST- Baekhyun,Chen,Xiumin ^^


Shhhh...Don't tell anyone that I'm not into K-pop ^^ hah ha xd




P.S. If you have a question or something feel free to send a message.I'm usually around here :)

"Bazen bir kişinin senden istediği basit bir şey,onun son istediği olabilir.Bu yüzden senden bir şey isteyen insanlara karşı özenli davran."  #RockingOnHeavensDoor



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