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Inner Demons, Tagged as Worthless, Imperfections, Raw Emotions, Mental Health, Tragic Plotlines & Sweet Endings-- Obsessed with honest confessions, characters with imperfections, and raw, emotional scenes. The transformation of those struggling with inner demons and mistakenly tagged as worthless, ignored, misunderstood or overlooked.  Bromance, whether it is a bromance drama, or me just focusing on the bromantic parts in the drama. Bromance is a deep friendship/connection with emotional bonds and I am obsessed with this genre. Brotherhood.  Enemies to Friends.

{I love drama, angst, underdogs, emotional highs and lows, and tragic plotlines with sweet endings.} {I'm always looking for music/lyrics that tell a story ❤ Emotionally charged highs and lows ❤ Touches your soul ❤ Keeps you up all night listening on repeat}


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