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somewhere between the monsoon rain and you.


somewhere between the monsoon rain and you.

Hi! Welcome to my MDL Page!
I'm Soju

Get to know Soju:
Soju is a 5ft fujo boba tea. She is often moody, randomly sarcastic, oversensitive, introverted, and likes to read and write during her free time. Soju's world revolves around her family and graduating Uni — and so every day is a sweet adventure. Soju has recently passed her driver's license test and has been set loose on the roads of her country! God bless the pedestrians. 

What else does Soju like?
Aside from watching Hetro and BL dramas, reading Chinese and BL novels, and writing love stories, Soju also enjoys listening to music quite a lot. 

She is a proud ARMY but is quite multifandom. Soju also likes to dabble around Photoshop and make videos in her spare time if she's in the mood. 

All in all, Soju dabbles in everything and anything that interests her — even though she may not have the time for it. Soju is quite self-destructive hahaha. 

Where is Soju active?

You can find Soju on Twitter

If you're like Soju and are interested in BL, you can find her in a wonderful discord community: 

Soju's  Drama Journey

Some Dramas I Enjoyed — Hetero

Some Dramas I Enjoyed — BL

 Soju Reads...

What does Soju like to read?
Soju's current favourite  Chinese novels are 
PrisannaOur Glamorous TimeI Don't' Like The World, I Only Like YouTea of Summer, Just Blame Me For Being Blind in the BeginningWhen a Snail Loves, and Gentle Beast. 

Soju's current favourite BL novels are Social Outcast, Are You Addicted?, Until We Meet Again, How to Secretly, Moon Courts Moon, The Pregnant Woman Next Door, How Are You Doing?,  and Rebirth of a Supermodel. 

Soju's Drama Dislikes
Soju is a very sensitive boba, she can not stand infidelity in her dramas. It makes her boba boil! 
She can also not stand sad endings, so she stays away from this. 

Soju is extremely sensitive about such topics and therefore she researches extensively before investing her time and effort into a drama. 

She believes it is far wiser to research and watch good dramas instead. 

Soju's Drama Rating

10She really loved it!
9.5 - 9.0 She loved it
8.5It was nice
8.0It was fine
7.0 - 7.5It was okay
1.0 - 6.5: It was trash, don't waste your time.

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Meeting someone in life
is actually something astonishing.

That's because they bring themselves
with their past, present, and future.

That's because someone's whole life comes along.

The heart is fragile.
Therefore, it might have been broken.

The heart is coming too. 
- Jung Hyun Jong

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