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Hi there & Welcome to my profile ^^

I've been watching Asian dramas since November/December 2008. My very first Asian drama ever was Hana Kimi. For ~2 years I watched only Japanese dramas until I expanded to Korean dramas in 2010 summer. First k-drama I ever watched was Personal Taste. I expanded to Taiwanese drama in 2011 February with Hana Kimi Taiwan Version. In 2015 May I also watched my very first Thai lakorn, Full House. In September 2016 I watched my very first Mainland Chinese drama - My Amazing Boyfriend

Besides watching Asian dramas I like to watch Korean variety shows - Happy Together, Radio Star, Abnormal Summit and Welcome First Time in Korea are my favorites ! I love traveling - okay, who doesn't? - but so far I haven't been able to travel much. One of my traveling goals came true in May 2016 when I went to South Korea for 2½ weeks. I really want to go back soon ;W; I write my own blog which is mainly about traveling. It's all in Finnish though.

My Asian drama milestones:

50th drama: Gachi Baka (August 2009)
100th drama: Otomen (March 2010)
150th drama: Kamisama, Mou Sukoshi Dake (January 2011)
200th drama: Don Quixote (December 2011)
250th drama: Beginners (September 2012)
300th drama: Monstar (August 2013)
350th drama: Doctor Stranger (July 2014)
400th drama: Oh My Ghost (August 2015)
450th drama: Let's Fight, Ghost (September 2016)
500th drama: School 2017 (September 2017)
550th drama: Life on Mars (October 2018)

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