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10 Most Memorable Drama OST Songs by HAVA-RAVA
Editorials - Apr 20, 2015

I'm the type who usually enjoys just one or two songs from the drama. So here are my TOP 10 Most Memorable songs from dramas.

A Stalker Guide To: Mizushima Hiro
Editorials - Sep 7, 2013

To celebrate his comeback to the screen, MDL'er Hava-Rava stalks Mizushima Hiro...

If The Big Bang Theory was a Korean drama?
Editorials - Jun 17, 2013

Hava-Rava goes over what The Big Bang Theory would look like if it was a Kdrama...

If The Big Bang Theory was a Japanese drama?
Editorials - May 26, 2013

HAVA-RAVA merges her favorite American Tv Show with Japan...

A Stalker's Guide to No Min Woo
Editorials - Apr 28, 2013

This time I'm stalking one of the most talented celebrities I know, No Min Woo

A Stalker's Guide to Nakama Yukie
Editorials - Feb 6, 2013

A Stalker's Guide to one of the most versatile Japanese actresses I know ~ Nakama Yukie.

A Stalker's Guide: Matsumoto Jun
Editorials - Dec 22, 2012

A Stalker's Guide to Matsumoto Jun by one of the biggest MatsuJun fangirls on MDL (according to herself lol).