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I'm always torturing myself wondering whether I should rate a drama according to how good it objectively was or according to my feeling.Watching drama being a pleasure, I chose not to pressure myself while rating and I don't analyse drama as I 'd do with a book.I think rating drama objectively will always fail because the strenght of dramas is their codes like in the commedia dell arte ( however nice qualities in a drama can be pinpointed) .We all expect certain things and we are greedy to know how they will play with these codes. I consider them like a genre per se so I will rate dramas like a menber of the audience of the italian theater would do: Did I laugh ? Did I cried ? Did I quiver ? Was the plot well-rounded ?


My taste and standards are definitely evolving through time. But I will not change my grades as I think that the concept of sentimental value is sacred.

Some dramas are on my dropped list even if I finished them. I can't bring myself to call them "completed" when I dropped too many parts.

My motto used to be "Never drop, never fast forward ". Then I remenbered D. Pennac 's writings about the imprescriptible rights of the reader." 1- le droit de ne pas lire 2-Le droit de sauter des pages 3-Le droit de ne pas finir un livre." And I dropped, and I fast forwarded and made the best of my free time.


Let's start !

What's the purpose of a cliche ? To renew itself in such a way that appears to be new and original so that you forget it's actually a cliche.

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