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I started watching Asian dramas in summer 2017 by coincidence.

I was astonished to see my daughter watching a Chinese drama series on Netflix with English undertitles, since she did not really enjoy her English lessons at school and even though I was born in England, I could never motivate her to speak with me in this language. So that took me by surprise and I started watching with her "Meteor Garden". Since then I have entered the world of Asian movies and dramas and am hooked until today and shall be so in the future.

Now I watch in order of preference:

  1. Japanese
  2. Korean
  3. Chinese
  4. Taiwan
  5. Thai

dramas and movies.

I enjoy romantic, comedic, thrilling, supernatural, action-orientated and historical themes and also to my own astonishment BL and LGBTQ themed dramas and movies. I am not so much into horror, but I have also watched some of those.

Since starting on Asian dramas, web-series, movies etc. I have also started diving into the music scene. I even went to a concert in Paris (Stade-du-France) and enjoyed a BTS concert with my daughter in 2019.  She now calls me an Army noona ;))) 

I am glad and happy that I have discovered the Asian film and music industry (also the culture in all facettes) in my fifth decade on Earth ;)

Also thank you to all the subbers out there, that make it possible for me to watch and understand all these lovely, enticing, entertaining products of Asian Dramaland!!

Just a while ago I have started learning Japanese and enjoy doing it so far.


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