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Note: Some of the below is ready for revision... For example: I've seen sooo many Korean shows by now... anyway... when I've got time^^.

I'm a Dutch arts teacher. I love Japanese dramas and movies. I started watching them to learn the language and I was soon hooked; on Japanese art and culture too. I think the Japanese have a great sense of humor. I'm fond of their school and coming-of-age drama's. But I like their realistic arthouse movies and action drama's too.

I think a big plus is the length of Japanese drama's: 10 to 12 episodes of 45 minutes. Short but sweet, so you can see a lot of different stuff.

I like watching anime too. Favorites are Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Mushishi, Samurai Champloo, Natsume Yuujinchou, Noragami and Boku no Hero Academia. At my school some awesome kids have started an anime club (called OTABU: click for our instagram) and they've asked me to sort of sit in. Every week they watch anime, read and draw manga, listen to J-Rock and K-Pop, play games, have a cup of tea and socialize. And some of them have become drama fans too. It's so much fun!

I've recently started watching South Korean dramas and movies. I have to say this has become my new obsession. Allthough I like some of the better romance drama's and historical drama's too, my favourite K-drama genre is (political) action/thriller or action/comedy.

Apart from dramas and movies I love music. Anime got me into J-Rock because of all those brilliant anime openings, and the kids from our after school club got me into K-Pop. And it goes without saying I like drama OSTs too. Here are some of my favorite J-Dorama songs and K-Drama OSTs (some video's might contain spoilers). This is one of my recent most favorite songs, from one of my recent most favorite Korean dramas:

I love Japanese cinema. So I'm lucky that every October there's a Japanese film festival in Rotterdam and Amsterdam (The Netherlands). It's called Camera Japan Festival: Six days of Japanese cinema, food, culture, music and more. 'Ima made' I've been twice (to Rotterdam) and 'kore kara' I plan to go every year. Here are some movies I'm hoping they will show in the future.


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