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Hi!!! My internet alias is Hopsicas but just call me Hop if you want to.

I'm learning Japanese , so I pretty much only watch Japanese dramas and movies.

This is how I rate the stuff I watch.

10 - Fucking Amazing. Would recommend you watch this and share it with everyone you know. Basically my absolute favorite dramas and movies!!!

9 - Really fucking good. Missing that thing that made the 10's special but nonetheless amazing.

8 - Pretty good. Really enjoyable and great, had some small flaws but was overall a great experience.

7 - Good. I often give comedy stuff this one cause sometimes it's  so weird I don't know where to place it. Everything here I found enjoyable at some level. Most of the time I also place stuff I can't judge that well and have to re-watch here, before giving a higher or lower score.

6 - Decent. Ehh, okayish. Barely enjoyable, but not bad.

5 - Sort of shitty. This is mainly for boring stuff, that left me in a shitty mood. Most stuff here is borderline bad.

4.5 - For the bad, but enjoyable. A special rating for the so bad it's good sort of stuff.

4 and below - From bad to god-forsaken awful. Not a lot more to say, I would advise you not to watch any of these ever.

Oh and btw, if you wanna talk about literally anything just hit me up!!!

Thank you for reading my empty bio.



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