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Currently in love with "the world of hidden phoenixes".
I hope there will be a cdrama made based on this someday! 

Yes, I  want you to go and read this amazing story NOW :D

❝ How do you know it's over?

Maybe when you feel more in love

 with the memories than with

the person standing in front of you ❞

a girl that laughs and cries too much

everybody deserves sun in their life

without it, life tastes sour

all time favourite couples

Kim Moo Young & Yoo Jin Kang 
The smile has left your eyes

 Ryan Gold & Sung Duk Mi
Her private life

favourite airing couple 
or maby drama
shit is so intense
like damn

(but they toxic af to so be careful, lol)

Zhu Ke Huan  & Zhou Wei Wei
Before we get married

no gifs cuz I'm too lazy to make mine and tumblr doesn't want to XD


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