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Somewhere in Asia


Somewhere in Asia

I am Iyya. I am 27 years old and from somewhere in Asia.
I grew up with a lot of Tokusatsu and Japanese Dramas since I could remember, along with anime.
I was into Korean Drama only after I graduated from High School around 2010 despite I already watched some since I was in elementary school around 2000.
Chinese movie was also really popular in my country back then in 2000s, though I don't remember watching many dramas. The ones I could remember were Taiwanese, such as Meteor Garden.
About Thailand movie, I never really into it. Only watched some movies of it.

My list isn't really big compared to others who have been watching since long because I mostly do rewatch things I like. I don't really try to expand my list. I like to enjoy something I like and never really get bored over it.

I am more into watching or re-watching JMovies, KDrama, Anime, or reading Manga when I am free. Compared to live action or drama, I am more into Manga and Anime though.
I also like to learn History and Literature in my free time.

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