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Hello! I am a girl from England who loves J dramas and now lives in Japan! 

I have watched many over the past few years which I have documented on a list on my computer, and decided I would like to review some of the ones which left an impact on me. I find it hard to rate dramas on a scale of 1-10, but the following is my system;

1~2 = I really did not enjoy the drama

2.5 ~3.5 = Overall I did not enjoy the drama

4~4.5 = The drama had a few enjoyable aspects but I did not enjoy it as a whole

5~7 = I enjoyed the drama

7.5~8 = I really enjoyed the drama but something just lacking to get into the top tier

8.5~10 = I thought the drama was outstanding

Sometimes I find the highest rated dramas too intense so to relax watch one rated 5~7, such as Sprout!

I also like to study Japanese (passed JLPT N1) so if you want to discuss the language please feel free! You are all welcome to say hi any time!


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