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Just Jill 72

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Just Jill 72

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Notes: {10-5} All are good it is just a matter of how good. Like pizza....all are good it is just degrees of                goodness.

10 = (Perfection) -Totally loved.  Already re-watched several times.... or will.
8.0 - 9.0 = (Excellent) - Glad I watched it. It was missing just that one thing that would make it awesome.
6.0 - 7.0 = (Good)
5.0 = (Average) - neither good nor bad. I can say I watched it.

Notes: {4 - Dropped} Scoring due to these opinions:
     Acting could be seen/felt. Boring story/forgettable, inconsistent plot development, repetitious dialogue, too much focus on technical data, excessive flashbacks, fighting, whining or crying. Actors were not likable, had no real value, or lacked chemistry. Something bothersome e.g., annoying voice, or uncomfortable age difference. Poor videotaping quality. 

4.0 = (Below Average)
2.0 - 3.0 = (Bad)
1.5 = (Dreadful) - dropped it at least 1x before finishing &/or regretted finishing it.
1.0 = (Dropped) - unbearable but there should be a record I at least tried

*Because everybody's tastes & opinions are different, no matter what, even a dropped drama could be your next obsession. So, try watching anything & everything.

Biggest Drama Dislikes:  (1) Uncomfortable Age Gaps &/or Maturity Gaps (2) Controlling parents (3) Parents who take their kids $ (4) Yelling/screaming used in or as dialogue (5) Gore

Biggest Drama Likes:  (1) A strong story (2) Actors that are their roles (3) Surprises - Something that makes you think (4) sound effects (5) Beautiful scenery -real or fake

First Drama:  Well-Intended Love

First Asian Movie Bride for Rent

First Asian Drama Crush:  Park Seo Joon     Current Asian Drama Crush:   Park Seo Joon (Gotta stay Loyal!)

Guilty Drama Pleasure:  Accidently in Love (this one is for a younger viewer than me, but I love it)

How I got hooked:  One word "Netflix" ....  then MDL to track dramas/movies...then that turned into OMG.

Genres I like:  Everything (If it's good, who cares what genre it is)

Favorite Sound Effect:  Laughing Chipmunk


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